Why The Elite Wants To Entertain You

Why The Elite Wants To Entertain You

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Two millennia ago Roman politicians decided to let poor citizens vote. Why?

It was an easy way for the same politicians to grow powerful. All they needed was to give the poor bread and throw them gladiator games. Their bellies became full, and minds entertained, which made them favorable to the politician who had blessed them.

You could describe it as the original trick of an illusionist. He distracts you on the right, while he pulls out a rabbit from his hat on the left. The commons will have no focus on what’s going on with Rome if they are busy munching bread and watching some gladiators slashing each other.

Even though more than 2000 years have passed, this is still the answer:

This is why the elite wants to entertain you.

Haven’t you asked yourself… why do everyone around you go home and watch Netflix all evening?

Why do they spend their lunch breaks watching Youtube videos?

Why do they go through their workdays with a podcast playing in their ears?

Why? Why?

Because they want to control you. They want to turn you into a brainless consumer to whom the world only happens. A consumer with no autonomy, no will of his own. Date rapists drug their victims to make them docile. Likewise, the elite clouds your mind to make you a docile, good citizen.

Never, ever get hooked by entertainment the mainstream offers you.

Either, it’s superhero movies that aim to turn adult males into children, incapable of anything besides screeching “WOAH THAT SUPERPOWER IS SO COOL!”. And then, the adult children get brainwashed by seeing all the white male characters get killed and replaced by cool, strong women and men of color.

Or it’s a Netflix show that teaches teenagers to glorify suicide, and that normal life challenges are reasons to slit your veins open in a bathtub.

Or it’s the porn you watch every evening, which primes you to get turned on by sneak peeking on a man fucking a woman you find attractive, and transform you a sodomy-obsessed cuck with scary sexual preferences.

It doesn’t matter what it is.

As long as it’s authorized entertainment, it’s purposefully there to manipulate your mind. Or in the best-case scenario, to keep you distracted and docile loser.

Know that, friend.

Until next time,

— Alexander Contrarian