Why I Stopped Eating Vegan

Why I Stopped Eating Vegan

I’ve since long followed the blog Bold & Determined. The author, Victor Pride, publishes a new podcast every week.

Today he published an episode on “why vegans always lie“.

Here’s the truth about what Victor says:

Victor is 100% correct about his view on veganism. Read this blog post first, then go ahead and listen to his podcast above.

In 2017 I ate vegan for 6 months.

My woman had been vegan for over two years, and I’m open to experimenting with my body so I gave it a shot.

Could it make me feel better?

It didn’t.

And I didn’t try to be like insane people such as Freelie The Banana Girl or Rawvana. I didn’t eat 10 bananas a day — just like I wouldn’t stuff my belly full of Snickers on a normal diet.

A man needs a lot of protein and fat to be healthy. So I went for high-protein foods such as lentils, beans, and nuts.

But here’s the thing:

Our bodies aren’t meant to live on plant proteins. They don’t contain all the essential amino acids we need to survive.

1 gram of plant protein is worthless compared to 1 gram of animal protein. Only animal protein is perfectly absorbed and utilized by our bodies.

God created animals for us to eat, and that’s why they are our ideal food to eat.

And besides, even though these vegan foods were – relatively – high in protein, they were even higher in carbs!

So even though I tried to go for the healthiest vegan options available… I got huge blood sugar spikes from carbohydrates. Subsequently, my blood sugar became volatile.

I had to keep snacking on vegan foods to prevent a blood sugar crash. Like a diabetic.

According to conventional propaganda I got all nutrients I needed. But bad things happened to my health…

It’s hard to eat healthy and enough on a vegan diet. You either become super skinny or skinny fat. There’s no other outcome.

So if you want to be a big, muscular guy like I was before my vegan experiment… forget about it.

My gains disappeared with the snap of a finger.

It was impossible to consume enough quality calories and protein to maintain my muscle mass. It went away.

At the gym, my stamina, strength and energy levels crashed. The drive to lift went away. So did my sex drive and motivation to accomplish anything.


I had lost about 30 lbs of bodyweight during my vegan experiment. My workouts were shit and so was everything in my life.

But there was one thing that happened which INSTANTLY made me change the diet.

One morning I woke up, went to the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror.

My eyes had a yellow tint. It was very subtle but caught my attention. Sure doesn’t look healthy…

Then I started brushing my teeth. I spit and suddenly… the sink was filled with red foam.

Did I bleed in my mouth?

I did. Seemed like some kind of gum inflammation. That’s very strange. I’ve always been healthy and haven’t had any diseases or health problems for ages.

And that fucking inflammation wouldn’t go away. I had it for weeks and even though I rinsed my mouth with antiseptic several times a day, it became worse with time.

I had to do something!

Going from a healthy stallion to weak sickling is unsettling. I had to do something about this crap.

My first step was to start eating eggs — the one food that contains everything but one thing needed to create life.

That gum inflammation went away immediately. My eyes looked healthy and vibrant. I became stronger.

In fact, I felt so good I started to eat fish and prawns – felt even better.

Eventually, I started eating ALL animal foods and it felt great.

It felt like I absorbed life force from the animals I ate.

In a few months I regained those 30 lbs and became just as jacked as before.

Four months after I ditched the vegan diet, I did dips with 120 lbs of extra weights strapped to my waist. I wasn’t a weak vegan anymore.

Plot Twist:

Maybe you don’t remember, but in the intro of this post I mentioned my woman being a vegan for years. When I met her, she was very devout to animal rights and would never eat meat again.

But now she was seeing how much better I felt on an animal diet. She too felt bad and lacked energy. With time she had developed some kind of sensitivity to vegan protein sources. She couldn’t eat any of them.

She started eating eggs and seafood.

Her energy and happiness EXPLODED. You could see the newfound vitality in her eyes. Now she could kick ass all day long.

Now she’s a meat eater as well.

Hope that gave you some insight into veganism.

If you want to be an unhealthy, miserable skeleton, go ahead and eat some rabbit food.

Otherwise, you better stick with animal foods.

Until next time,

Mr. Contrarian