Who Is Your Master?

Who Is Your Master?

You are a slave.

And who is your master? It’s not a 17th-century cotton farm-owner. It’s not your mama or papa.

Your master is your own desire. It controls your life.

Desires can never be satisfied because they exist in our minds and can’t be fixed with physical measures.

The need for water isn’t a desire, it’s a need. When your body is thirsty, you drink and stop being thirsty.

When you’re tired, you sleep and stop being tired.

But when you desire women… you can spend a decade learning PUA and becoming a master on attraction. But your desire for sluts will not stop.

When you’ve ejaculated in your 100th slut, you aren’t satisfied. You just throw her aside to pursue slut number 101.

Because everything you desire is a drug. For every fix you get out of it, you get a tiny bit more addicted to it.

When you saw porn for the first time, on some late night TV-channel when your parents were asleep… did that satisfy you? Did you think:
Gee, now I’ve seen porn. Guess I’ll never need to watch it again!”

No. You had to keep watching it. And for every disgusting jerkoff session you had, your brain got slightly more desensitized to the pornography. What once was soft-core porn and nude models, eventually turned into hardcore gangbangs, double penetrations, cuckoldry, and racial mixing.

This is because porn and masturbation is a desire. And thus, it has the characteristics of a desire. You’ve got a black hole in your belly, and no matter how much food you stuff… you will never be full!

Desires are part of a game you’re set up to lose.

If you desire something and never can satisfy that desire… what’s the point of even trying to?

If you crave a cupcake and eat one, it won’t matter. Because right after you’ve eaten the cupcake, you desire another one.

So what’s the point? Why would you even eat a cupcake?

Desire is a game where you’re set up. You can only lose. You can only trap yourself in an endless pursuit of satisfaction that will never occur. All you’ll get is a disappointment.

John Hanning Speke was an English explorer and British Indan Army officer.

He made three exploratory expeditions to Africa and was the first European to reach Lake Victoria.

1854 he made his first journey to Africa. As he and his group camped near the coast of Somaliland, they got attacked by 200 Somalis with spears.

Speke was the only one to get captured. He got tied up. The Somali tribe stabbed him relentlessly with their spears. But Speke was determined to survive. His fists were tied up, but somehow he managed to give one of his attackers a punch to the face.

That gave Speke a chance to run — and he took it. He barely escaped from the stalking Somalis and had to dodge for spears brushing by his ankles.

But he got away. And the lunatic wanted another go at Africa!

On his second journey he discovered something mindblowing…

In the 19th century, Arab slave traders had taken over central Africa and saw every native as a potential slave.

Africans were bought and sold on Arab slave markets in Zanzibar.

Speke found it strange. The Africans were tall, muscular and strong like oxen.

The Arabs were considerably weaker. If the Africans decided to rebel, they could easily break free and send the Arabs flying out of the land.

But the Africans were spellbound. They didn’t know their own strength. Just like a domestic stallion that believes it’s captured by a thin strap of leather.

The question is… are you disillusioned in the same way?

When you desire something, you are a slave to the desire itself and every person who is able to give — or take — what you want. You will always depend on another.

But you can break free. It’s just as easy as it could’ve been for the captured African slaves.

All you need to become free is to say “no”. Take a stand.

How do you take a stand?

Desire nothing. Only then you’ll become a free man.

Because remember this — there’s only one way to win a game you always lose. Don’t play.

Say no to:

  • Masturbation and porn
  • Eating junk food
  • Sloth and entertainment
  • Gaming
  • Chasing pussy

And even the desire for money and power is harmful to you. No, money isn’t evil and will make you more free. But the love of money is the root of all evil, as Jesus said.

You can’t sell your soul to make money and become happy (trust me). The only way for you to achieve excellence… is to do what God put you on this Earth for.

You’re an actor in God’s drama. God writes the plot.

If he wants your storyline to be short, it’s a short one.

If he wants it to be long, it’s a long one.

If he wants you to act a poor man, a construction worker, a preacher, a writer or billionaire… it’s your task to act that way as good you can.

Your challenge is to act well the character assigned you. To choose it is another’s.

No. You don’t have to stick with your crappy 9-5 job because that’s the character you got assigned. That’s an unnatural situation you live in.

But God has a purpose for you. And your task is to find and act on it.