What Is The Black Pill?

What Is The Black Pill?

When you Google for “black pill”… you will get this kind of definition:

The “black pill” is a set of beliefs that are commonly held amongst members of incel communities, such as biological determinism, fatalism, and defeatism for unattractive people.

Basically, the definitions tell you it’s all about sexual relationships and dating. Ugly men are hopeless and think they will never find sex or love because of that. They get blackpilled, form incel communities and sit around all day whining.

But in reality, it’s used in a wider context and doesn’t only apply to sex and relationships. (But since modern society is obsessed with sex by design, that’s all most people think about)

For example, you see people blackpilled on politics, education, and societies in general. This is evident if you think a bit about the recent “clown world” meme.

People have lost hope. They think our world is messed up to the point you can’t really turn it around. It’s a train running at full speed on its way into a rock wall. And there’s nothing you can do but sit and watch, seeing the comedy in the morbid absurdity you live in.

(Symbolized by a colorful clown with a strange look in his eyes)

First there was the red pill

In a movie called The Matrix, the main character Neo runs across a rebel leader named Morpheus.

Neo is offered the choice between a red pill and a blue pill.

The red pill is risky. It would free Neo from the enslavement and lies of the machine-generated dream world he lives in. It would allow him to enter into the real world.

But the real world is harsher and more difficult.

The blue pill, on the other hand, would allow Neo to live in a beautiful prison. He would live a lie, but if he stuck in line and was a good slave… it would be quite good for him. Ignorance is bliss.

Internet communities turned it into a meme where normal, average people living to society’s script were blue pilled, whereas themselves saw through the lie and social constructs and thought themselves to know the ultimate truth.

First, they were picking up artists — men obsessed with attracting girls. They dwelled on their forums and busted lies like:

  • Men love idealistically, women love opportunistically
  • Women fuck alphas, and use betas
  • Modern men are pussies
  • Feminism destroys nations
  • Hypergamy is very, very real
  • And a whole bunch of other uncomfortable truths

They discovered these truths and set out on a journey to master reality. To become the men women really wetted their panties over. They improved themselves, their style, bodies, looks, social interactions and so forth.

Eventually, the red pill ideology began bleeding out into other areas. Politics, business and so forth.

  • You don’t really need an MBA or CS degree to found a startup.
  • The welfare state is just a tool to maintain power over citizens.
  • You’re programmed from childhood to become a good little worker bee who spends a lifetime on insignificant, legacy-less drone work. Your masters don’t really want you to be happy, fulfilled.

The common denominator for all of these red pill communities was that they believed to saw through the mainstream lies… and that there was a way to break free from them.

There is hope.

The world is haunted by the beast. But eventually, it can be killed. Or you can at least find shelter from it.

The Black Pill Is The Red Pill’s Emo Brother…

The black pill is similar to the red. They believe lies shroud our world, that it’s fucked up. And nothing can be done about.

The world is haunted by the beast. Nothing can kill it. And it will consume the world. No one can do anything about that, except to sit down and await your demise.

And well… those who have taken the black pill aren’t necessarily emo-ish.

They have just lost hope.

Can you blame them?

When you look at the state of the world today?

Hear me out…

In the United States… cities like Los Angeles are struck by medieval diseases like the bubonic plague, typhus, and tuberculosis. They’re bathing in shit.

In the UK, Brits are in a mass-psychosis surrounding a single trump supporter and screaming “nazi” at him. A fat, female ogre is on the forefront — the lard stored within her double-chin juggles up and down as she demonstrates. A coward throws a milkshake at the Trump supporter.

11-year old boys are applauded for dressing as drag queens on gay clubs.

Things are fucked up, and if you look at the trend of the last two decades… things have just degraded.

Just how far can things go until they’re beyond the point of redemption?

That’s the question most of us have pondered, and the blackpillers have concluded that we’ve passed the point of redemption.

I believe that’s a (pretty) fair conclusion.

I’m not going to lie to you. What’s the point in painting a rosy, fake picture of reality?

No one knows exactly how the future will play out. But if we look at the recent past, and the present, it’s hard to see a sudden turnaround.

And before we see a positive change of great impact, things will probably go bad. Really bad. The current inversion agenda will keep on running, censorship and control will grow.

Things will probably become really bad within the next 15 years. At least in the Western world.

On that point, the blackpillers are correct. There’s not a lot we can do about that.

But here’s the deal:

I recently read the book Sparta: An Epic History by Paul Cartledge

One chapter described the famous battle of Thermopylae. The Persian empire was about to invade ancient Greece, and the only one who stood in their way was King Leonidas of Sparta, 300 of his warriors and about 1700 soldiers from neighboring states.

The challenge was that the 2000 Greek soldiers were about to face a Persian army with 120,000–300,000 Persian soldiers in total.

The Spartan king Leonidas was a skilled and well-respect warrior, so were the 300 soldiers in his personal lifeguard who had been raised from birth to wage war.

But there was very little chance that they — along with the few other soldiers they commanded — could possibly win against their powerful enemy.

Still… Leonidas and the men he lead stood their ground. All of them were certain of their imminent demise, but they knew the truth:

You can’t control the world. But you can control how you react to it.

They couldn’t change the fact that the most powerful empire of their time had decided to invade Greece. They couldn’t magically pull out a hundred thousand additional soldiers out of thin air.

What the Hellenian soldiers could do was to control how they responded to the situation.

They chose to respond to the situation as heroes. They willingly faced death for what they believed in and loved.

And ironically… even though every single of the 300 Spartiates died during that battle…

It may have been the reason Greece became inspired by their heroic example. came together, assembled enough warriors and defeated the Persians a year later.

What I want to say with this, is that even though our outlook may be dark… that doesn’t mean we should be hopeless, nihilistic and weak.

It’s an even stronger reason for why we should become strong, prepare for struggle and strive for glory.

The black pill is real, but you decide how swallowing it will affect your life.

Until next time,

— Alexander Contrarian

PS. Right after publishing this article, I watched the Darkstream by Vox Day. He talked about the exact same subject!

Check his video out here, he’s got great points as well: