Ursolic Acid: The Best Liver Protection Supplement Of All Time?

Ursolic Acid: The Best Liver Protection Supplement Of All Time?


You’ve probably tried a few bodybuilding supplement before. Then you know how many of them are completely useless.

But I need to tell you about one supplement that I have used for years. It’s completely natural. You find the active ingredient in everything from the waxy layer of apple peels to ancient herbs in the Ayurveda.

The best part?

This secret compound has two benefits:

It increases the production of an anabolic hormone called IGF-1.

And most importantly:

It protects your liver as good as — and in some cases BETTER than — the most popular liver protection supplement in the world, milk thistle.

The liver protecting effect is the one that should catch your attention the most.

If muscle growth is your only goal, taking steroids or SARMs is what will give you results worth the time and money. But when those compounds come in an oral form, they are toxic to your liver. This secret herbal extract protects you from that toxicity!

First off… let’s reveal what secret herbal extract we’re talking about…

It’s called…

Ursolic acid!

Ursolic acid was first discovered in the waxes of apple peels in 1920. It’s found everywhere in the peels of fruits, as well as in herbs and spices like rosemary and thyme.

This compound is most known for its supposed fat loss and body recomposition properties.

Here at Contrarian And Free, we only focus on what gives real results. No point in messing around with stupid herbs that give you 1% more fat loss.

But ursolic acid actually boosts an anabolic hormone called IGF-1. It’s about half as effective as MK-677 at doing so — but then we compare a groundbreaking research chemical and a fricking herbal extract.

Ursolic Acid And IGF-1…

IGF-1 is similar to Human Growth Hormone. It’s IGF-1 that stimulates muscle growth and promotes protein anabolism.

Although its effects on muscle growth won’t be as dramatic as anabolic steroids or SARMs, it’s very effective due to its secondary effects…

Here’s what I mean:

When you work out, drink milk or whatever… your muscle grows.


You will always have the same number of cells in your muscle. The cells only grow larger. At some point, the muscle cells grow so large you have trouble putting on any more size.

You can only achieve so much muscle growth. Even with anabolic steroids and/or insulin.

That’s where IGF-1 comes in…

IGF-1 Can Create MORE Muscle Cells!

Yes, that’s right. IGF-1 is the only hormone in your body that can cause muscle growth via this pathway.

You get a higher number of muscle cells.

And that’s why bodybuilders and athletes take IGF-1 to go beyond their genetic plateaus.

That’s why some take the GH and IGF-1 booster called MK-677.

But what if I told you that IGF-1 could be increased from a 100% legal and natural compound?

Because ursolic acid can do just that.

And don’t be fooled — of course, it won’t be as powerful as hardcore research chemicals and drugs. But it’s been taken for thousands of years and is very safe. You don’t need to cycle it or be careful about side effects. because it doesn’t have that many.

MK-677, a research chemical, and pharmaceutical drug, increases your IGF-1 levels by about 50% when taking 10 mg a day.

Ursolic acid can increase your IGF-1 by 22.8% when taking 450mg a day for at least 8 weeks.

You may scoff at it. But it’s not piss in the sea for a simple herbal extract.

Use ursolic acid on its own with basically no side effects, or stack it with other growth hormone boosters to amplify your results.

Let’s get to the most interesting part – ursolic acid’s liver protecting properties…

You will get STUNNED:

Is Ursolic Acid One Of The World’s Most Potent Liver Protectors?

Let’s face it:

Bodybuilders take stuff that harms their liver.

Oral steroids like Dianabol or Superdrol. Even though they pack on a lot of size, they are methylated and toxic to your liver.

When you go on your PCT, you may take drugs like Nolvadex and Clomid. They are liver toxic too!

Lots of chemicals and drugs are toxic to your liver. Even painkillers you get over the counter.

If you push your liver to the edge with these things… you can get serious health problems for life. Or at least experience severe lethargy and illness.

That’s why bodybuilders take supplements that protect their liver.

Either supplements that allow the liver to heal faster from damage, or protect it from being affected in the first place.

The most popular liver protecting supplement is milk thistle. Every bro recommends it when you’re about to start an oral cycle.


Did you know that ursolic acid, the supplement no one has heard about… is a more effective liver protecting agent than milk thistle?

In one study, ursolic acid fights the toxic effects of alcohol by up to 76%.

The effect was dose-dependent. Higher dosage, better protection.

One thing to note is that the study was performed on cells in a test-tube. This doesn’t directly translate to humans taking a capsule of the stuff — since your stomach only absorbs part of the ursolic acid you ingest.

However, ursolic acid given orally to rats is also incredibly effective:

In another study, scientists gave rats a lot of alcohol and measured their liver values.

Ursolic acid turned out to lower the signs of liver damage with 49-67%! And on all blood markers, ursolic acid was more effective at doing so than milk thistle at the same dosage.

And turns out — humans don’t need to take a ridiculously high dosage to enjoy the same effects.

The dose the lab rats got translates to about 3.3 mg of ursolic acid per kg of body weight. So if you weight 100 kg (220 lbs), you only need to take 320 mg ursolic acid per day to enjoy the liver protection.

(Right-click the image below to view it in full size)

ursolic acid liver protection

But does Ursolic Acid’s protective effects against alcohol translate over to oral steroids?

That’s a good question.

The most common liver problem from oral anabolic steroids is cholestasis. The bile flow gets blocked and can’t get to where it needs to be, because of inflammation and cellular damage.

Ursolic acid is very effective at negating this condition:

UA [Ursolic acid] acid has anticholestatic activity as well as antioxidant activity. When UA was given to rats against paracetamol-induced hepatotoxicity, it showed a dose-dependent (5–20 mg/kg) choleretic effect and significant anticholestatic activity (27.9%–100%) against cholestasis induced by paracetamol.

Ursolic acid increases the bile flow, bile salts and acids, which is protecting your liver from oral steroid damage. And from what the scientific data indicates, it may be more effective than milk thistle.

But wait, there’s more…

Ursolic acid is not only anticholestatic. It’s a strong antioxidant in the liver and prevents cell death.

There’s just no end to the liver-protecting benefits of it…


Ursolic acid seems like an extremely promising supplement for liver protection. In some regards, it seems more powerful than the most popular liver-protection — milk thistle. And it’s very cost efficient.

Why don’t you consider using it next time you want to protect your liver? Either on its own — or stack it with other supplements like milk thistle to achieve a synergistic effect.

Here is the ursolic acid supplement that gives you the most bang for your buck. Get it through my link to support this article — with no additional cost — and to get more content like this one.

Until next time,

— Alexander Contrarian