The Truth About Why Steroids Are Illegal

The Truth About Why Steroids Are Illegal

Steroids and PEDs are only demonized for one reason. To maintain an obedient, nonaggressive male population.

Other drugs have worse side effects.

They are distributed like candy.

Had a cough for 2 weeks? Let’s prescribe you some opioid cough syrup. It’s a powerful addictive and wreaks havoc on your hormone system. But whatever.

Is your 12-year old kid energetic and having a hard time to sit still for hours in an unnatural environment?

More and more kids are diagnosed with ADHD every day, and since the diagnostic requirements for someone to have ADHD are constantly lowered… your kid’s an ADHD drone now.

Let’s put him on amphetamine-like drugs. Ritalin. Adderall.

Your kid won’t be energetic anymore.

He will sit quiet in the corner like a zombie.

P-pills are given to everyone. They contain a female hormone that leads to women’s version of “roid rage”.

Birth control disturbs the natural cycle of a woman. And in some instances, they destroy the female’s lust for love.

In countries like Sweden, 12-year olds are allowed to go through sex-change procedures. It’s encouraged. Applauded.


Swedish kids have to sit down in school and get brainwashed by transgender speakers. By people who promote the idea of “people becoming who they are”.

The risks of doing so seem kinda high… even post-procedure trans people’s suicide rate is 791% higher than the general population.

Depression or anxiety?

Take these pills that stop you from feeling anything but terror. Become a zombie now!

But no… steroids are the danger.

The same outlets that promote antidepressants, the transgender agenda and birth control… they warn you of steroids!

It’s so dangerous. You become depressed.

Truth is… steroids don’t make you more depressed than anything else. Depression and suicide rates among men are higher than ever in the West. Completely without steroids.

They don’t want to protect you from depression. They don’t want you to be healthy and alive. It’s a scare.

Steroids are dangerous. You become more bold and reckless in your actions.

Truth is… that’s a good thing. Being bold and reckless is a masculine trait. It lead to the discovery of America and the invention of the airplane. It leads to all good things in life.

But they don’t want to you have good, masculine traits.

Steroids are dangerous. They make your balls shrink and fall off. You’ll be a eunuch!

You know what?

Truth is, I see eunuchs everywhere in daily life and online. Soy boys without a single gram of muscle on their frame. Male feminists who love to talk videogames with their wive’s boyfriend.

But PED users… It’s strange… But they seem to be LESS like the boys of soy?

The truth is…

These arguments are only used when it fits their agenda. But they won’t spend a word on homosexuality, transgenderism, soy boys, a wrecked society and the popularization of recreational drugs.

How come?

They want to crush your life. To crush you down until you’re a fucked up slave in their web. Depression and higher death rates are what they want.

They don’t want you to be a virile man. Masculinity is a threat to their vision.

Steroids and other PEDs are serious drugs. And you need to use them wisely to minimize serious long-term consequences. (Derek from More Plates More Dates will help you with that.)

But don’t believe for a second they are illegal for that reason.