The Truth About Vox Day

The Truth About Vox Day

Vox Day’s Blog – Vox Popoli

Vox Day has been running his blog Vox Popoli since 2003. His first post was published in July 22, a Tuesday, and it went:

“Welcome to Vox Popoli. This is, as yet, an experiment.”

Brief and Hello World-esque.

Months later, he published a humoristic post entitled “Pumping for Arnold”:

“In honor of Governor Schwarzenegger’s election – I didn’t and don’t support his political career, but I still like him as an example of what determination can do for an individual – I hit the triceps hard today. After my normal workout, I added a symbolic six reps with the 100-pound dumbell. I figure Arnold would appreciate that sort of homage instead of the usual toast or whatever. So, *grunt* here’s to the new governor!


Given that I am charged with an unhealthy and unnatural interest in men on pretty much a weekly basis, I see only one logical solution. It’s time for me to write a song and film a video with Kylie (Minogue).”

Day eventually moved on to other things, like starting his own publishing house. But he’s still publishing frequently on Vox Popoli to this day.

The Vox Popoli blog is his #1 communication channel and had received 31.2 million pageviews by 2017

Vox Day On Twitter

In November 2017, Vox Day got suspended from Twitter.

“I can’t say the Trust & Safety Council were particularly helpful, as they did not provide any explanation why or ask me to remove any tweets. I can still access Twitter from that account and see my notifications, but can’t actually tweet anything. It’s just as well, I have too much to do to waste time on social media anyhow.” [Source]

The same day, he went on a Periscope live stream to talk more about the Twitter ban. Day acted in a dignified way about it. “It is what it is. It’s their service, they can do what they want.”

The ban seemed insignificant. Day hoped the time he would stop spending on Twitter could be directed toward something more productive.

During the same live stream, Day continued:

“You know, my philosophy is always to build your own platform”

He has shown congruency with this statement. In 2019, several books from Castalia House got banned from Amazon. But Castalia House had already established their own e-commerce book store, which Day had promoted to his followers.

In February of 2019, he also launched the Twitter-alternative Social Galactic. Only two days after its launch, 2,500 users were already registered. However, it quickly shut down — allegedly due to struggles to comply with GDPR in the EU.

What’s Vox Day’s deal with Jordan Peterson?

Vox Day has been a huge critic of Jordan Peterson since early 2017. He’s published several videos about Peterson’s books and philosophy. Here’s a primer about Vox Day’s view on Jordan Peterson:

Here’s a playlist of 31 videos where Vox Day talks about Jordan Peterson:

As you see, Vox Day has a lot to say about Jordan Peterson. Some say it’s an unhealthy obsession or jealousy, but I agree with Day’s conclusions to 100% and believe he merely wants to reveal a charlatan.

Eventually, Vox published a book on Jordan Peterson called Jordanetics.