The Truth About Natural Bodybuilding

The Truth About Natural Bodybuilding

Natural bodybuilding is a joke.

A hilarious joke.

Our bodies aren’t meant to become extremely ripped. We’re not made to be have full, 3d muscles and single-digit body fat at the same time.

Our bodies want as little muscle possible. Just enough to survive. Muscle burns energy even when they aren’t used.

Our bodies love fat because it’s a storage of energy for the body to use in bad times.

At it’s core, bodybuilding is always unnatural. No natural man would drop to the ground and do pushups in the djungle. No natural man would cut his food intake down to drop a few percentage points in body fat.

It’s always been about manipulating the body to achieve an unnatural, aestethic look.

And you can only do so to a limited extent when you take the good-guy, “natural”, supplement-free route.

If you want to be a natural bodybuilder… you’re only going to be slim and lean OR big and fluffy.

Nothing else. You can be the healthiest man on Earth. But you’ll never have well-defined, 3d-like muscles and at the same time be ripped. Maybe you don’t want to look that way, then go ahead and work out all natural.

But to get the physique of a bodybuilder, you need to become a bad guy. That kind of guy you’ve been taught to hate. The guy who takes performance-enhancing drugs.

It’s just a fact. We’re limited to the bounds of our humanity. And only with chemistry can we extend our limits a bit further.

Go natural all you want. But don’t dream of something you’ll never achieve. No matter how much hard work you do. No matter how much milk you drink.