The Best SARM For Fat Loss: Your #1 Choice Will Shock You

The Best SARM For Fat Loss: Your #1 Choice Will Shock You

What is the best SARM for fat loss?

That’s probably the question that led you here. You want to discover the best SARM for fat loss. Am I right?

You’ve seen all the claims about SARMs that are great for packing on muscle mass. You’ve heard of the SARMs that increase your strength. But which one is the best to shed off some of that extra fat?

Keep reading to find out.

But first, you need to understand what SARMs really are.

The Best Sarm For Fat Loss

The Science About SARMs (Which You Probably Have Misunderstood!)

Do you know why bodybuilders take anabolic steroids like testosterone?

Testosterone is responsible for handling several things in the body. One of them is muscle growth, which is what the bodybuilders want.

When a gym gorilla injects testosterone in his buttcheeks, it starts circulating in his bloodstream. But the testosterone is useless if it just flows around in the veins. It has to get into the cells in one way or another. At least if it wants to have any effect.

Testosterone gets into the cells by binding to something called an androgenic receptor.

Androgenic receptors are tied to every cell in your body.

• When testosterone binds to an androgenic receptor in your hair follicle, it causes hair to grow.

• When testosterone binds to an androgenic receptor in your brain, it gives you higher energy or aggression.

• When it binds to an androgenic receptor in your skeletal muscle, they grow larger and stronger.

• When it binds to an androgenic receptor in your prostate, it grows larger.

But here is the BAD thing about testosterone…

Testosterone is open-minded and doesn’t discriminate. It binds to androgenic receptors in all part of your body.

That’s why you get the BAD effects from testosterone…

Testosterone makes you more muscular. But also more hairy and agressive. It grows your prostate, which can make peeing difficult and increases your risk of cancer.

That’s why scientists thought…

What if we made something like testosterone, but only binds to your muscle?

If scientist could create a testosterone-like compound that only binds to your muscle, virtually all of the worst side effects could disappear.

Turns out, scientists could create something like that. Heck, even a whole group of compounds that work this way.

They’re called SARMs – Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator.

Some of them are RAD140, Ostarine and LGD-4033.

SARMs are excellent at only binding to your muscle and causing muscle growth. And although they’re not 100% selective — they still affect other parts of your body in a minimal way — they’ve turned out to be an incredibly safe and effective alternative to steroids.

Side effects from SARMs occur, but are minimal.

But here’s the problem when it comes to SARMs and fat loss:

SARMs are developed to mimic testosterone’s effect on muscle. Because of that, muscle growth is the main benefit you get out of them.

You won’t experience any significant fat loss from just using SARMs.

Indirectly you can. If you have more muscle your body burns more calories. But don’t take a SARM just for fat loss and expect your mind to be blown,

If you want to lose body fat… there are two things that can help you. They are not SARMs — they’re just research chemicals that were or are explored as potential drugs. But they’re often lumped into the same category.

They are…

  1. Cardarine
  2. MK-677
  3. Stenabolic

These are research chemicals. They are, just like SARMs, not approved for human consumption. But based on the scientific studies and anectodal evidence, Cardarine, MK-677 and Stenabolic are “exercise in a bottle”.

Hear me out:

The Most Popular Fat Burning “SARM”…

The best SARM for fat loss… is Cardarine.

Cardarine was developed by Ligand Pharmaceuticals and GlaxoSmithKline in the 1990s. They hoped Cardarine could help people with metabolic and cardiovascular disorders.

The drug improved test subject’s blood lipids by a lot. Cardarine makes your bad cholesterol go down, and your good cholesterol up.

In time, they also discovered Cardarine can help you burn more fat. How?

Basically, it encourages your body to use body fat for energy instead of blood glucose.

And they discovered something else — something shocking…

Cardarine had a ridiculous effect on your endurance.

Athletes got their hands on Cardarine and noticed it could make their endurance explode with 25-30% in a matter of days.

You can run faster. You can run longer. You even recover faster from sets in the gym.

This made athletes fall in love with it in the late 2000s, and eventually, it got banned from most sports organizations. But nonetheless, it’s great if you’re dieting. You can do so much more cardio.

Most people like to sum Cardarine up with: Exercise in a pill.

And that’s correct. It is.

Want to research more about Cardarine? Read my in-depth article on it first, to avoid any fuckups.

MK-677 is oral growth hormone.

MK-677 stimulates your body’s own production of growth hormone. If you take 10 mg of MK-677 per day, you can expect to increase your HGH levels by around 80%.

Growth hormone is one of the most effective fat burning things in the world. And the side effects you get from it are minimal.

Not only does MK-677 turn your body into a fat burning furnace…

… it has several other benefits that help you during a cut:

  • Increase in protein synthesis — you will build more muscle and heal faster.
  • Increased nitrogen retention in muscle — they become more full and pumped.
  • You will burn fat easier.
  • Anti-aging benefits – your skin will be more vibrant and smooth in just a few days of research.
  • Better sleep. This is my favorite part of researching this compound. Your quality of sleep will skyrocket and you might even see an increase in crystal-clear, lucid dreams. It’s not a sedative, it’ll just improve sleep.

The one downside, when you use it to burn fat, is that it bloats you up. The more growth hormone you get, the more anti-diuretic hormone gets produced in your body. That makes you retain more water.

Read more about MK-677 here.

What about Stenabolic?

Is it effective for fat loss?

Stenabolic is another fat loss chemical often lumped into the same category as SARMs.

It was developed by Professor Thomas Burris of the Scripps Research Institute. He claims the scientific data supports moving forward with the development of similar chemicals, but that Stenabolic itself “has no oral bioavailability” and belongs to chemical groups that “are know[n] to have toxic effects in humans”.

He continues by saying:

“That being said – we are still working on improved compounds with one of the potential uses being sarcopenia – loss of muscle and strength due to aging.”

(Read his full statement here)

Even though this information is public, Stenabolic is sold online for the purpose of fat loss.

But most of it is either fake, underdosed or Cardarine. Because of that, and the reasons stated above, I strongly recommend you to avoid Stenabolic and save your money for Cardarine instead.

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