Sweden — 10 Times More Death Shootings Than Germany

Sweden — 10 Times More Death Shootings Than Germany

Sweden’s one of the greatest countries in Europe. At least according to the state-controlled public service media outlets.

Despite that — if you’re a man between the ages of 15-29 — you’re 10 times more likely to get shot and killed than in Germany.

To the media and the police, this is a mind-boggling enigma that appears impossible to solve. Why is that?

“In Göteborg (Sweden’s second largest city) we’ve got big suburbs and I think we’ve failed at the social part,” says Sören Angbo, an officer in the Western police region. “Everyone is against us.”

Patrik Andersson, head of intelligence in the Southern police region:

“Why we’ve got more shootings in Sweden, I really don’t know.”

Gunnar Appelgren thinks the violence in Sweden has grown in magnitude:

“It’s become much more violent. Obviously, you shoot to kill when you spray people’s bodies with automatic weapons like that. You also do it to send a message. In some investigations, we see excessive violence. You don’t only shoot people already lying on the ground, you wrap it up by throwing a hand grenade on them as well. It’s a marker. I get to you wherever I want and I can do whatever I want with your body. Sadly, it’s become extremely violent.”

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