Social Gaslightning: When The World Hides Control In Concern

Social Gaslightning: When The World Hides Control In Concern
The idea of conspiracy theorists is one of the best conspiracies ever pulled off.
Framing is everything.
Let’s go back to the year 1477. The Italian family Pazzi wants to overthrow the ruling family of Florence. The Medici.
Pazzi family members plot with the Pope and archbishop of Pisa. Their goal: Assassinate the leaders of the Medici family — Lorenzo and Giuliano.
One year later the conspiracy fails. The Pazzis only succeed in killing one of the Medici. The other one, Lorenzo, gets wounded but manages to escape. He comes back to take revenge. Lorenzo kills the leader of the Pazzis. The dead body is beheaded. The head is hung on the Pazzi’s palace door for people to use as a door-knocker.
Every member of the Pazzi got banished from Florence.

This is the big daddy example where people acted in secrecy to get power or money. A conspiracy. And it was a real, historical event. Of course, there have been countless others before this one. The assassination of Caesar is a 2000 years old conspiracy.

And from this point onward, you see other conspiracies happen.
MK-ULTRA. Operation Mockingbird. Big corporations like Coca-Cola fund every study on sugar for 30 years to make results play in their favor. “Independent” news organizations only publish articles on Hillary Clinton if her office gives thumb up.
This isn’t a post on conspiracies, but keep it in mind. Conspiracies are a real thing.
But for the past 20 years…
We haven’t heard about conspiracies. We’ve heard about conspiracy theorists.
The public eye’s been on wackos who scream about reptilians and alien anal probes. It’s in the news. In the movies.
It’s programmed into society’s hivemind. And it’s done for a reason which can revealed if you have a basic understanding of mental influence.


If you don’t like the conversation… change it.

It’s dead simple. If someone asks you questions you can’t give a compelling answer to… and if the truth would tear your life apart… you change the topic.
“The question isn’t whether this conspiracy is real. But if the people talking about it are dangerous and crazy
Mainstream media embrace this. It makes life so easy for them.
You don’t have to attack a contrarian’s arguments or facts. You don’t even have to manipulate a contrarian with sophistry anymore. Slap a label on their asses and expect people to blow them off as weirdos.
Don’t listen to that alt-right extremist. He’s a troll conspiracy theorists. He’s a climate change denier. Homophobe.
Take any topic with a strong public opinion that is controversial to refute.
You don’t believe the world ends in 12 years due to climate change? I’m not going to listen to your arguments, you’re a climate change denier!
You don’t think 8-year olds should go through sex-change operations? You fucking transphobe!
You don’t think we should have open borders? We shouldn’t provide welfare for millions of new immigrants every year? RACIST!
Do you say Soviet Russia sent spies to infiltrate US government during the cold war? Conspiracy theorist! McCarthyist! And hey, President Trump is a Russian spy!

Here’s a tip for you:

Whenever you say something controversial and get name-called in return, end the conversation. The person you speak to doesn’t know what he talks about. Either he’s wrong and will never accept that. Or he doesn’t have any compelling arguments to explain why he’s right.
He doesn’t know why he thinks the way he does.
It’s a reflex. He’s programmed to respond that way.
if person.is_npc == True:
The crux is when this spreads to your inner circle.
When your fans, friends, family, and girlfriend start to question you. When they disguise this as concern for you.
“Hey man, I’ve been a fan of your videos for years now but your videos about the moon landing make me worry about your mental health… Don’t go down the conspiracy hole. Please get back to reality, seek a therapist or something.”
This is normal. You can’t put all blame on the individual for thinking this way. They don’t (always) want to hurt you. They’re weak people who can’t think for themselves.
Not everyone can be strong like us.
They’re conditioned to think people with non-mainstream opinions are extremist outsiders. Since humans, in general, have a need to NOT be thrown out their tribe… they distance themselves from “extremists” to ensure their future membership of the establishment. They want to be part of the silent majority.
It’s the comfortable and mediocre option.
Some think they help you by putting your mind back on the “right” track.
They care about you so much. They only want what’s best for you. You need to stop thinking X thought. You need to stop doing Y and stop talking to Z.

But in reality it’s gaslighting.

Gaslighting is a form of psychological manipulation that seeks to sow seeds of doubt in a targeted individual or in members of a targeted group, making them question their own memory, perception, and sanity. Using persistent denial, misdirection, contradiction, and lying, it attempts to destabilize the victim and delegitimize the victim’s belief.
Narcissists and psychopaths perform gaslighting when they want to exercise control over victims.
But the master psychopaths don’t only perform gaslighting in person. They train gaslighting proxies.
Slaves that run around, doing work for the psychopath. Like zombies. Or villain henchmen.
Normal people who aren’t evil but open to manipulative influence. They’re programmed to unconsciously perform gaslighting FOR the psychopaths.
Because there are thoughts you aren’t supposed to think. And when you do spend attention on them — you’re supposed to stop and worry about your mental sanity instead.
“My God? Am I going crazy?! What’s even real anymore?”
Their goal is to change conversation. Direct attention from real issues at hand to your mental health and radical opinions. What a goofball you are for thinking that stuff!