SJWs Always Lie & Double Down [2019 Book Review]

SJWs Always Lie & Double Down [2019 Book Review]

You drive to work. On the radio, a gender academics talks feminism and the generations of oppressed females. But it’s Monday and you dread the upcoming workday. You don’t care.

You’re finally at work. You park the car, high-five your lunch buddy Phil in the hallway, and take a seat in your office chair.

As you unpack the briefcase, your boss knocks on the doorframe. “Could you come by my office this morning?”

Usually, Gary always comes by to talk about the weekend and crack a few jokes. But something is different. His voice is… stern. As if he is uncomfortable.

You try to make eye contact but Gary looks straight into the wall behind you. “Sure, I’ll be with you in ten,” you reply.

8 minutes later you enter his office. “Close the door,” Gary says.

“I’m going to tell you like it is. We’ve had two complaints that you are a white supremacist.”


Gary must joke, you think, but the lack of a smile and nervous fidgeting with his Ballograf pen indicates otherwise.

You Are Busted

Turns out… you have had a seemingly harmless conversation with a brown female colleague. You asked where she’s from, which was reported as a racist microaggression. Even though you wondered if she was from out of state due to her accent.

The same colleague had eavesdropped on a lunch conversation between you and Phil, when you mentioned you had voted for Donald Trump.

Trump’s the next Hitler, you voted for him, you are a Nazi.

“I know you’re not a white supremacist” Gary assures you, “but think of all the shit we will go through unless we take these reports seriously and perform an investigation.”

Some people talk about their first times. The first time they made love, drove a motorcycle or visited Disneyland.

And you just survived your first SJW attack.

You’re lucky. You still have your job — for now. Your boss is still on your side.

But thousands of people suffer worse fates caused by the SJWs.

You might wonder what an SJW is.

SJWs are Social Justice Warriors, the thought police who’s gotten an increasingly stronger grip over Western society since the early 90s.

These are the people who accuse wrong-thinkers of being racist, while at the same time banning white men from organizations for just being white and male. These are the people who refuse to hire by merit, and instead choose to only hire women even though it might destroy the corporation they work for.

Although you may not have known of the term “SJW” you probably recognize the type of person it aims to describe.

Here are the defining characteristic and beliefs of an SJW:

  • They believe in activism for activism’s sake (rebel without a cause)
  • They consider some behavior problematic and offensive. They will do anything to ban the problematic behavior and burn the offenders
  • They don’t look at people like individuals, but their race, gender and sexual orientation
  • They believe you’re more morally superior the more ethnic, LGBTQ and leftist you are
  • Equality and diversity is a must. But only when it suits them — for example, white people, especially men, just should not be included
  • They insist that their opinions must be adopted into law and customs, and have an obsession with controlling the voice and behaviors of others

There are other properties you’re bound to find in an SJW. But that doesn’t matter.

What matters is that the SJWs always try to control social discourse and aren’t afraid to tear you in pieces if you have the guts to commit thoughtcrime.

And you don’t have to be a right-wing activist to fall under the great monster truck wheels of the SJW.

Unless you’re at the very left-leaning edge of social justice, unless your hair’s blue and you believe every CEO should be a transexual of color, you’re not radical enough and at risk of getting attacked.

That’s what the book “SJWs Always Lie by Vox Day aims to help you with.

In Vox Day’s previous book The Irrational Atheist, he responded to the arguments against religion made by prominent atheists. Unlike other Christians responding to atheism, he didn’t dedicate the book to defending religion. Instead, he went on the offensive and targeted the irrationality atheists often exhibit.

sjws always lie vox day amazon

That also applies to SJWs Always Lie.

You will not only learn how to defend yourself from the self-appointed thought police. You’ll learn their behavior and weaknesses, allowing you to strike back and hopefully force them to shut up for good.

I have the feeling Day didn’t write this book in the hope of allowing you to get out of the fight alive. He wants you to make it out as the champion.

How GamerGate Cracked The Code

sjws always lie gamergate

Years ago, a female who fucked a load of video game review writers started the internet’s most widespread conflict — GamerGate.

In short, it was a non-violent internet war between gamers (video game fans) — who mostly just want to entertain themselves with good games — and the video game media. The gamers just wanted to focus on their interest, whereas the media insisted on pushing the feminist, diversity SJW narrative which the gamers wouldn’t accept.

This made the video game media turn on their fans and condemn them for being misogynists, white supremacists, and homophobes, which caused the gamers to strike back against the media SJWs.

SJWs Always Lie documents the history of GamerGate. Vox Day was in the frontlines of this cultural and he gives you an explanation of how a community of gaming basement dwellers managed to successfully rise against the SJW behemoth when giant organizations like NFL failed.

The Anatomy Of An SJW

sjw double down

As a science fiction and fantasy writer himself, Vox Day also gives you a first-hand account of how SJWs infiltrate an organization and infect it from within. During his time as a member of Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, he had several run-ins with SJWs who were members and on the organization board, which allows him to get a feel for the anatomy of SJWs and what they were made of.

In SJWs Always Lie, you’ll get:

  • The three laws of SJWs that inevitably makes them twist themselves in a web of lies
  • Multiple case studies of SJWs attacking and how they could be defeated
  • Information on who the SJWs tend to attack (it’s usually not the real white supremacists and extremists)
  • The 8-step routine SJWs always follow when attacking a target

What To Do When SJWs Attack

SJWs Always Lie isn’t just a purely informational book on SJWs. As Vox Day writes, it doesn’t matter why sharks are predators or how they are so deadly when you find yourself in front of a hungry one.

You just want a way to survive, and that’s where this book shines. You get the step-by-step guide to surviving and thriving under siege by the thought police.

That question is touched upon over several chapters, and they include topics such as:

  • The 8 eight things you must keep in mind when responding to an SJW attack
  • Rhetoric VS Dialectic, and when to use the right one for the right outcome
  • 7 strategic principles for striking back against your aggressors

My Thoughts

All in all, I think SJWs Always Lie should be read by anyone, no matter your political orientation, race or gender. As long you live in the modern world you’re at risk of being targeted by SJWs, which means you should have enough proper knowledge to survive.

The information you find in this book will be of high value to you. You may find certain sections of the book stale, as Vox Day goes into great depth about his dealings with an SJW writer. That could easily be interpreted as “holding a grudge” by some readers, but I think it does a good job at highlighting the way SJWs behaves and how you can deal with them.

Get the book here.

SJWs Always… Double Down?

This article’s been about the book SJWs Always Lie, but there’s actually a second book which builds upon the first. SJWs Always Double Down. And to be honest, I can recommend the second one more enthusiastically.

The information you’ll access in SJWs Always Double Down builds upon the first book, which means you probably want to have read it before, but it’s much more enjoyable to read.

Vox Day’s impactful and enjoyable writing style gets much more room impress. You’ll probably read through this one faster due to that simple difference.

Not only that, it’s loaded with lessons on:

  • The 2016 US Presidential Election and SJWs
  • How SJWs infect organizations – businesses, churches, open source projects, writer’s associations etc.
  • How to protect your tribe from being converged by SJWs
  • How you can detect the gamma, a type of person whose behavior most often means he’s an SJW

Get SJWs Always Double Down here.


SJWs Always Lie & SJWs Always Double Down are two books that should be required reading for the person who wants to navigate and survive the modern, politically correct world, and strike back against the SJWs whom have wronged them.

Read them both. I insist.

And also, I strongly recommend you to read my review of The Irrational Atheist by the same Vox Day.

Until next time,

— Alexander Contrarian