Book Review: Shadow Men - An Encyclopedia of Mind Control

Book Review: Shadow Men - An Encyclopedia of Mind Control

If you read this post, you search for the truth in one way or another.

You’ve seen the way media manipulates people and their worldviews.

You’ve seen the herdlike mentality of people. How easy it is for them to believe something because it’s the popular opinion.

This herdlike mentality is a pitfall of democracy.

To manipulative minds it’s easy to deceive people and influence their votes. People don’t vote on what’s best for society or themselves. They vote the way they’re told.

You’ve seen how politics is a rigged game. Even if the British people voted to leave the EU… their prime minister decided to postpone BREXIT indefinitely.

If you’ve experienced something like this… I know how you feel.

You see all these patterns in the world. You see the ripples in the water. But you don’t know who threw the pebble in the pond.

It doesn’t matter in which way you’ve seen this. And it doesn’t matter that you don’t know who the people behind it are.

But every effect has its cause.

Let’s say you’ve noticed there’s an artificial push for people to become vegan.

It doesn’t matter if you believe that’s the case or not. Keep reading:

You see veganism promoted by everyone. The TV commercials sell you on vegan fake meats. The newspapers attempt to scare you with the “dangers” of red meat and saturated fats. Politicians propose meat taxes.

The normal for an organic movement is to grow slow and steady. But veganism… it exploded in a few years. It isn’t natural.

What if the veganism movement isn’t organic, but artificial?

That assumption raises two questions:

  1. Why would someone want to push for veganism?
  2. Who would want to push for veganism?

The questions are easy to answer.

The food industry has a lot to gain by selling vegan food instead of animal proteins.

It’s hard to make profits from raising cows. You need to breed them, feed them and slaughter them.

Vegan food made out of soy is more profitable. It sells for the same price as meat, if not more. Even though it’s hundreds of times cheaper to produce one pound of soy than one pound of beef.

The media industry has a lot to gain.

As always, they promote ridiculous diets to sell issues and get clicks. They get paid by the food industry and politicians as well.

The politicians have a lot to gain because veganism turns men into soy boys.

Soy boys are weak-minded and obedient to the elite. Soy boys worry over sexual pronouns, not their own liberty.

Men have always been the #1 enemy of the elite.

Men are less prone to fall for the herd mentality than women. And they’re a physical threat which, if conflicts arise, the elite has to use violence against.

If politicians can turn men into soy boys, they suddenly have free reigns.

In the vegan example, you saw three separate bodies that work to change the public’s opinion. Food industry tycoons, the media and politicians.

Most people employed at these organizations are “useful idiots”. They pull the trigger, but don’t know why, or what the consequences are. They are the journalists and marketing managers.

The true evil masterminds… those who plan the grand schemes of manipulation and get power from it… are the ones Dr. Anthony Napoleon calls “shadow men”.

Shadow men work behind the curtains.

Their only reason for living is to control others. That makes the shadow men accumule wealth and power.

And they never get enough of it.

But how do shadow men gain control over you?

You may think of words like “marketing” and “persuasion”.

And I’ve been a salesman and marketer, so I know the great power those things have over people. But that’s a scratch on the surface when it comes to control.

The shadow men perform something called PSYOPS.

Psychological operations (PSYOP) are operations to convey selected information and indicators to audiences to influence their emotions, motives, and objective reasoning, and ultimately the behavior of governments, organizations, groups, and individuals.”

Shadow men and their PSYOPs are what Dr. Anthony Napoleon deals with in his book…

Shadow Men: An Encyclopedia Of Mind Control.

Victor Pride recommended this book in his podcast. I took the time to read it.

In Shadow Men: An Encyclopedia of Mind Control you will learn about:

  • How PSYOPS is used to take control over your mind, and transform you into a willing, obedient slave.
  • Who some shadow men are and what goes on inside their minds.
  • How the US was founded to protect every citizen from shadow men.
  • How banking is corrupt and debt is a tool to turn you into a slave.
  • How The Federal Reserve ruined the integrity of the US financial system.
  • The pitfalls of democracy, and why democracy may be the best way for the elite to maintain total power.
  • The real reason for the destruction of the nuclear family and war on masculinity.

I’m not going to reveal more than that.

You should read the book yourself.

It was a good read. The information is solid and the arguments Dr. Napoleon present are valid. If you’re interested in a big red pill, this is the book for you.

One negative aspect is that it’s not concise. Sometimes I read the words like a machine, wishing he’d get to the next point. If the book had been more concise, the book’s message might have spread even more.

Big thanks to Dr. Napoleon for his work. And I recommend you to pick up the book here.

Until next time,

— Mr. Contrarian