RAD140 Underground Secrets: Testolone Results, Side Effects & Dosage

RAD140 Underground Secrets: Testolone Results, Side Effects & Dosage

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RAD140 is a SARM in development for treating muscle wasting diseases and breast cancer.

It’s NOT a steroid, but it’s a muscle building and strength increasing research chemical. It those regards, it’s even stronger than some steroids —  for example testosterone and Winstrol — without as bad side effects.

Steroids give you downsides like prostate growth, bloating and testosterone suppression. SARMs and RAD140 were developed to minimize those downsides.

And it’s been — pretty much — accomplished.

Side effects similar to those of anabolic steroids might occur when using RAD140. But they are MINIMIZED.

  • Using exogenous testosterone for 4 weeks might shut your own testosterone production down 100%.
  • Using RAD140 for 4 weeks, with similar muscle building effects, might lower your production with 30%.

That means RAD140 isn’t a dreamy supplement that give you steroid-like results without any side effects at all. Even though bloggers, affiliate marketers and SARM companies make it sound that way.

But if you’re an athlete who want to enhance your look and performance, without throwing yourself into the pit of serious negative side effects, SARMs like RAD140 might be your go-to.

RAD140 Results

  • RAD140 is a very potent muscle-builder and has shown to be ḿore effective than real testosterone, even at lower dosages. It’s not as powerful as Ligandrol, but it comes close at a second place.
  • Similar to Ostarine and LGD-4033, your bones, joints and tendons will be strengthened.
  • It has been reported to be the most mood-improving SARM on the market. Some researchers claim that RAD140 can bring you from depressed to kind of happy.
  • RAD140 will give you a muscle hardening effect and make you look leaner, which makes it a perfect addition during a cut. Unlike the other mass builder SARM, LGD-4033, that might bloat you instead.
  • Your muscular endurance will be improved. According to some, it’s the one SARM with the best endurance enhancing effect.

Reviews of RAD140

IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Greg Doucette says good things about the SARM. Apparently, it’s his favorite one:

RAD140 Dosage

In the bodybuilding and athletic community, recreational doses of 10-30 mg of RAD140 are common.

Some say that you can run on higher doses of RAD140, and thus see better results, without too many side effects compared to harsher SARMs like LGD-4033.

How to run a cycle of RAD140

Most researcher advise keeping the cycle length around 4-8 weeks.