Why I Recommend Proven Peptides For SARMs [2019 Review]

Why I Recommend Proven Peptides For SARMs [2019 Review]

A reader recently asked me if I could recommend a trustworthy SARM brand. Sure, I thought and told him which SARM seller he could trust the most today.

The brand for SARMs I recommended was…

Proven Peptides

And as you know, I just got to be honest with you — I created an affiliate account with them since I was going to recommend them anyway. That means, if you buy SARMs from Proven Peptides through any of my links, I get a commission.

It’s a great way for you to support this blog without additional cost since you’re probably going to get SARMs anyway.

They offer the most common SARMs:

In this post, I’ll explain why you probably want to get your SARMs from Proven Peptides. But I’ll also give you the whole picture, with all the nuances and instances when they may not be your best choice. This will not be a salesy fluff piece to make money.

Purity of SARMs

Sadly, you can’t just buy SARMs from a random store and expect to get good results.

The quality you get varies so much between companies. And here’s the deal about most companies that sell SARMs:

You don’t know what you really get from them.

You don’t know if you get real SARMs.

For all you know, it could just be an oral steroid that is cheaper for them to import, and still gives you similar effects. There’s no way for you to know that unless you take a hard look on a chemical analysis.

And it doesn’t always have to be that the SARM sellers try to scam you.

Sometimes, they just don’t have a good source for their raw SARM powders. They get SARMs that are impure, which means you can get underdosed SARMs that contain other compounds you don’t want to ingest.

Here are some potential pitfalls of not knowing how pure a SARM solution is:

  • You don’t know if it’s even SARMs you’re getting, or if it’s steroids or prohormones. They are cheaper than SARMs, after all, so it would be in the interest of a scammer to spike with them.
  • You don’t know if you’re ingesting a boatload of harmful trace chemicals used to synthesize the SARM.
  • You need to have a huge margin of error. If you don’t know how many milligrams of the SARM you get from a drop, it’s hard for you to know how much you need to take for an effective/safe dose.

When you buy SARMs, you naturally want to get what you pay for — pure, properly dosed SARMs and nothing else!

That’s why Proven Peptides is an attractive source.

They third-party test their products and constantly get top-notch results around 99% purity.

That means they send their SARMs to an independent lab to analyze the purity of their batches.

An independent lab is one which is not associated with Proven Peptides, except that they get paid to send back accurate test results.

The independent lab does not benefit if Proven Peptides sell more SARMs, which means they likely won’t publish fake results. That would only destroy the reputation of the independent lab.

Other SARM sellers can tell you they have incredibly good SARMs as well, and show you a Certificate Of Analysis from the Chinese source they got their raw SARM powder from.

But if you’ve ever imported anything from China (I have) you know a Chinese Certificate Of Analysis can be faked by the manufacturer however they want. They don’t even have to perform a real analysis — they could as well just pull the results out of their own ass.

Proven Peptides don’t just rely on Chinese analysises — most of their third-party tests are performed by Colmaric Analyticals in Florida.

They Don’t Only Third-Party Test Their SARMs…

They publish them as well!

That’s actually significant. Several other SARM brands third-party test their products as well, and they boast with ultra-pure SARMs. But you never get to see the actual test results… which means they could be completely made up.

Proven Peptides are be the only SARMs company that publishes their third-party analysis directly on the web.

You can see immediately how pure a batch of their SARMs is and what lab was responsible for the analysis. Just view this page to see all their results.

Of course, the fact that they third-party test their batches doesn’t ensure you always get top-quality, pure stuff. But compared to every other SARM brand on the planet, this is practically as certain as you can be.

Affordable Shipping

Proven Peptides is based in the US. If you also live in the states, you get free shipping when ordering for over $99.

I’m in Europe, where free shipping doesn’t apply. But they’ve still got affordable international shipping. For me, it’s $11 per order, and it arrives within 2 weeks.

But you need to know the laws of your country. In some EU countries, SARMs are illegal to possess. A SARM order from the US could get caught in the customs (and perhaps give you legal trouble).

If an order from Proven Peptides gets caught in the customs of your country, they are not obliged to reimburse you — according to their shipping policy.

The SARMs Are Not Cheap

Let’s be clear:

You won’t find super cheap SARMs on Proven Peptides. A month’s supply of Ostarine would cost you $49.99. Not outrageous, but some of you are probably inclined to shop around for the cheapest option out there.

My advice is… don’t.

The cheaper you go, when it comes to SARMs… the worse you go. The purity and dosage will be compromised.

I’d rather go on a low-dosage SARM cycle from Proven Peptides than a high-dosage from a cheap source. I don’t even care if you go for Proven Peptides or not. Don’t be cheap. Go for a good-quality source, even if it’s a bit more expensive.


In my book, Proven Peptides are a pretty darn good SARM brand that I feel safest buying from.

But before you go ahead and order any SARM, I recommend you to educate yourself on all options, possible side effects and so forth by reading these posts:

Until next time,

— Alexander Contrarian