Men Have Turned Into Carbon Copies

Men Have Turned Into Carbon Copies

Once upon a time, there were real men.

But now, it seems like there are just imitations of what men are supposed to be.

Hear me out:

There’s this Victor Pride-sphere of blogs that try to imitate him. There’s nothing wrong with imitation… unless you spend your entire life a shadow of the original.

But they do imitate pretty bad. Hear me out…

Victor Pride does a great job at Bold And Determined. Always have been. He’s written books like Body Of A Spartan, 30 Days Of Discipline and Monk Mode.

He writes in a strong way. It’s powerful.

Then his imitators come and create blogs like, write books like Body Of An Alpha, and blog posts like 3 Things Every 3-Year Old Should Know.

They think that if they copy his writing style and use similar words (but 10 times more frequently)… they will create a just as masculine blog.

Oh, the words Spartan, war, alpha and conquer sound like big man words. Let’s sprinkle them in!

It’s wrong. And they fall for the same trap as most other men in modern society. Because what men consider masculine today is only a caricature of real masculinity.

You will not become a man because you like craft beer. A hipster beard and flannel shirt won’t make you manly. Your obsession with boobies is not machismo. No, eating like a carnivore is not the number one hallmark of a strong man, even though it may be good for your health.

These things are just caricatures of masculinity created by the media. They’ve force-fed you with them throughout your life and brainwashed you into believing they are what it’s all about.

Because… they don’t want you to know the truth about masculinity. Because masculine men are the #1 threat to the powers that be. Of course, slave owners want to crush the inner strength of their slaves.

I didn’t know how to be a man for a long time.

I grew up with a psychopathic father. He didn’t guide me in life, he did the opposite.

And I grew up in the slums filled with gangbangers and immigrants coming from some of the most war-torn regions in the world. I was lead to believe being a man was about violence. My brother got stabbed twice. Homemade bomb devices went off on balconies a few blocks from mine.

Luckily, I moved away from that in my late teens. Some in my family didn’t. Last time I heard from my brother who got stabbed, he had deliberately crashed into a tree to get insurance cash for a debt he had to the local gang.

But I even though I had turned my back on that side of the world, I was still ignorant of how one becomes a real man.

Time from time, I fell for the media lies.

Muscle is what it’s all about. But guess what? Bodybuilders are obsessed with their appearance — like teenage girls — and are weak-minded. That’s not masculine.

Beer is what it’s all about. But guess what? It’s not masculine. It makes you fat and prevents you from viewing reality in a sober manner.

At one point, I even became obsessed with jerking off to porn every day.

You know what’s worst? I thought it was okay — because every other guy did it! But today… most guys are not men. They are guys. Bros. You should not learn from them because you become weak and oozing of soy.

They are fake men programmed by the media. They are not men, but with time they turned into the genuine fake.

No matter how many times I failed to see the truth… I eventually saw the light. And it blinded me with its simplicity. Don’t be mislead — the answer is simple, but it’s a hard truth. Most of you don’t have the balls to accept it.

Here is the #1 truth about being a real man who will be remembered for generations to come…

A strong man…


He shamelessly tells the truth. He does not bow for anyone.

When someone attacks him for his belief, he doesn’t crawl and apologize for his existence.

He doesn’t bend to the will of anyone. Not his girlfriend, his friends or society. He doesn’t bend to the primal desires of his own body.

You have to live in accordance with yourself. Because that is the only way you will ever become fulfilled. You can only be who you are.

And I know how some of you feel when reading this. You fear that society will reject you if you stand up for yourself. But let me ask you a question:

Why should you be ashamed of your identity and beliefs… when no one else is?

Mentally insane “transgender” people aren’t afraid of showing their lunacy in public. Homosexuals march half-naked in pride parades. Black people, Latinos, Arabs, feminists, socialists, pedophiles — they all take up every second of media time they can. They have their own interest organizations.

They demand to be accepted.

I give you permission to stand up for yourself. I give you permission to build a strong mind.

Because if you don’t… it doesn’t matter if you lose a few friends or get a few nasty comments on Twitter.

Because you will already have killed yourself.

Until next time,

— Alexander Contrarian