How To Strengthen Your Mind & Become Less Sensitive

How To Strengthen Your Mind & Become Less Sensitive

Friend, you and I live in a time of weakness and immense pressure.

That is a bad situation. Right?

Most of us can handle weakness or pressure, but when the two combine we’re in for deep trouble. And we can see that today. It’s been accepted as if there’s nothing to do about it.

We spend our days joking about depression and anxiety, our doctors don’t blink twice before prescribing us antidepressives, our media and corporations fetishize suicidality.

But I’m here to tell you it can be changed.

All who came before us, your grandfather, your great grandfather, made it through famines, world wars, subversive eras like this one, bloody revolutions, and genocides. Though battle-scarred, they made it out to the other side. They saw the light. And I’m here to ignite a spark of hope within you. You can be redeemed as well.

We live in a world at war. Your battles are not violent for now, but you linger under constant pressure. It turns you insane. You wake up at an unnatural time, to travel unnaturally on an unnatural road to an unnatural place to spend your day among people you feel nothing for.

The values of your forefathers, the collective wisdom from thousands of years of human civilization, have been wiped off your memory. You, my dear friend, have the honor to participate in a sick, unprecedented social experiment. Everything your grandfather learned from his father on the farm, about freedom, family, health, life, is inverted.

Heck, they couldn’t even leave genders alone!

Your grandfather had the guidance of his elders. Thousands of wise humans, in a straight lineage down to Adam and Eve, stood behind him. Like guiding lights, with their values, thoughts, and heuristics. All earned from experience.

But you’re left on your own.

You wander in the dark valley of modernity. You can’t look at the stars for direction, because you were never allowed to learn how. You can’t open your eyes to see because you were taught to suppress your instincts.

What is the result?

Our world has turned into a morbid Frankenstein’s monster, and you struggle to make it through with some honor.

You may be doing alright. Or you may not. But one thing’s clear:

In this world of war, millions of people turn into ghosts. They get brainwashed, mentally ill. Some men turn so insane they begin hating themselves, attempt to replace their own people with Mexicans and Muslims, and force 11-year old boys to dress up in drag at gay clubs.

Some end up living empty, sterile lives.

They spend decades working for a faceless entity, gritting their teeth and mediocrely doing what they hate to make their masters rich. In the end… they retire with nothing to their name, no money, and no glory. They couldn’t manage to love someone, thus they rot away in their 70s with their cat named Pebbles and Netflix playing on their laptop.

All alone.

They thought there was something there. They felt, they reacted. A texture was there but never any substance.

Other people realize what is going on. Evil witch doctors perform human experiments, similar to Josef Mengele, on them and though the doctors can’t be seen their harm is felt.

Your easiest way of revealing the witch doctors is when they cause an intense BAAM.

When Josef Mengele, the Angel of Death, experimented on twin children their outlook for the future didn’t look good. Similarly, the witch doctor’s successful test subjects mutilate their bodies and minds. Eventually, some of them get enough drugs, torture, and end up killing themselves or others.

They were weak and put under colossal pressure.

Which leads us to the question they should have asked:

How do you strengthen your mind and become less sensitive to poisonous influence?

With “strengthen your mind”, I mean becoming more robust in yourself, less susceptible to stress and destruction.

Sensitive sometimes refers to how you react to things, how excitable you are. But in this case, with “become less sensitive”, I specifically mean becoming blind to, and shielded from, the influence of those who want to corrupt you.

Here is the answer:

1. Never commit a sin

I don’t care if you come to heaven or not.

But for your own sake, for your life on this Earth, you can never sin.

God does not punish you for sinning.

The sins are punishment in themselves, they destroy you from within. It doesn’t matter what you believe. Sins were created by God, priests or your ancestors as rule of thumbs, heuristics, to save you from downfall.

And when modern-day people naively reject the idea sins… when they believe sins are just arbitrary rules to control the masses… they can do whatever they want…

… they lose themselves.

They get possessed by demons and become the walking dead. Empty vessels whose only purpose is to get filled by something else.

2. Listen to your grandma

I mentioned it before:

Before modern times, men lived identical to the way their great grandfathers did. The social structures, philosophies, and ideas they learned had been passed away through generations. It was that which worked. That which had been learned through thousands of years of trial-and-error.

That’s where we are flawed today:

We believe ourselves to be much smarter than our ancestors. But can your intelligence stack up against the collective wisdom of all mankind?


That’s why you need to respect traditions.

That’s why you need to hold old knowledge sacred. It’s impossible to be an orthodox traditionalist today, but realize that you maybe should have listened more closely to grandma — unless she was a baby boomer.

3. Stay fit

The body starts with the mind and the mind starts with the body. If you want to build a strong mind, invulnerable to depression and harm, you need a strong body.

Lift heavy weights all week long. Stay lean and mean. Eat well. Move like a leopard and use your body.

4. Build your tribe

No matter how individualistic our societies become, we are still social creatures who need to interact with other people.

Back before civilizations became a thing, mankind lived in tribes that sometimes grouped and formed clans. To make these tribes feel a connection, a firm bond between each other, the tribe leaders would mix blood and become blood brothers.

That bond lasted until death, and it gave every member support, security and a sense of belonging. That is worth its weight in gold.

Instead of mingling with the mainstream losers who only bring you down, why don’t you build your tribe?

A group of people who have similar values to you, who respect you for who you are, and motivate you to keep going in life. For example, you can build your social circle of bodybuilding friends, a group of people who kill it in business, or form your own family with a good woman.

You will need every bit of support you can get. Because winter is coming.

Until next time,

— Alexander Contrarian