How To Be Less Open-Minded 

How To Be Less Open-Minded 

There’s something people have got wrong. You too.

There’s no virtue in being open-minded. There’s no point in constantly being open to new ideas and trends

Think about it. Everybody are open-minded. Everybody’s changing their opinion all the time. People who ten years ago were against gay marriage have now turned to the devil and promote sex change operations for 8-year olds.

To the sheep, being open-minded is a sign of intelligence and rationality. But if you constantly change your opinions, it just proves that every opinion you have doesn’t hold up for longer than a few months. Your opinions are shit and you know that yourself if you abandon them on a frequent basis.

Not to say you should never change your mind. Know when you’re wrong.

Don’t bend to every wind of change like others do.

It’s a sign of weakness. It’s harmful to you. God doesn’t try to get into your head and control your actions. Only the Devil does. Only demons possess those who are stupid enough to let somone inside their heads.

Strong men and women have convictions they stand by. And they aren’t afraid to say it. They won’t let every little idea inside their head.

And you know what they do when they get slack for it? (They will, because the populace hates thinkers. “Be a drone! Think this way!”)

Strong humans don’t back down and squat in the corner, begging with a squeaky, high-pitched voice; “Please I’m sorry, I never meant to say that! I never wanted to hurt your feelings! I’m not bigoted racist, please!”

They stand their ground and say; “Yes, this is my opinion and I will think that way until you come to me with something that proves its invalidity. I won’t apologize for speaking the truth”

Being open minded is for cucks who want to appear smart and “in with the times”. But it’s just cuckoldry and faux intellectuality.