Epstein: How His Time At The American Gulag Was Cut Short

Epstein: How His Time At The American Gulag Was Cut Short

I have followed the Epstein case since this spring, and it’s truly been surreal from the get-go. Isn’t it strange how a story playing out in reality is so much more sick, so much more intriguing than anything sold in the “Fiction” section of a book store?

An insane sex trafficking island, hot-shot politicians, businessmen, intellectuals and royalties involved in an apparent web of blackmail, sweetheart deals. Now the face of it all, Jeffrey Epstein, conveniently “commited suicide” when he was at the brink of ratting out other powerful people.

And well, the only things to prove his death are the statements of government institutions, and a photograph that could be of anyone, even someone living.

Epstein was held at the “10 South” unit in New York, also called “the hole”, a 24-hour lock-down that housed high-profile prisoners and terrorists. Apparently, it’s been called the American Gulag.

Another person, Martin Armstrong, also did time at the same place. He also had information that could have put hot-shot bankers in prison, and had to pay the price for that:

The story of [Epstein’s] suicide is really not believable. If he was suicidal he would have been on suicide watch and everything would have been removed to ensure he could not commit suicide. This is simply the way the government ensures high profiles never go to trial.

In my case, they used another inmate because a suicide story wouldn’t work. Everyone’s doors were locked except mine and my attacker and the officer on duty I never saw before or after. When my attacker came out he was bragging he killed me with my blood on his hands according to all the other inmates who were banging on their doors and the officer ignored.

I was in a coma for several days. To their dismay, I survived. My lawyers warned me about the different ways they might try to kill me. One way they put baby oil in the lightbulb. Turn on the light and it explodes on fire and you burn to death alive. Suicide is a favorite when they can claim you are remorseful and could not live with yourself.

This is the standard operating procedure. Any high-profile who will be able to expose things others have done will NEVER make it to trial.


Welcome to American justice. Anything they will never allow to go to trial always ends up with the defendant dead, or in my case, I survived after being in a coma. If Epstein was truly suicidal, he would have been on suicide watch and they will even handcuff you and your legs to the beg, which is concrete when they want you to testify. In this case, Epstein was to be silenced for they did not want him to testify against anyone else. This is what happens in America when you know too much.

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