Ed Buck & The Dead Bodies In His Home: Why It's An Open Secret

Ed Buck & The Dead Bodies In His Home: Why It's An Open Secret

Ed Buck is a democratic donor. A 26-year old black man died in Buck’s home back in July 2017.

Cause of death? Meth overdose.

January 7 2019 it happened again. A 55-year old black man died from a meth overdose in Buck’s home.

Authorities found the dead body on a mattress on the floor of Buck’s living room. By his side was sex toys, and three big mirrors leaned up against the walls.

Oh, and three syringes, three sealed glass vials, and two glass pipes — one of them containing meth.

“It was posed a possibility that someone else had injected Mr. Dean with drugs,” wrote Deputy Medical Examiner Matthew J. Miller.

This story isn’t new. But it’s still a hot potato and people get one thing wrong about the whole ordeal.

Ed Buck is a big time democratic donor and knows hot-shots like Hillary Clinton and Ted Lieu.

Because of that, people automatically assume he gets away because he is a Democrat.

But that’s not the case.

As Dr. Anthony Napoleon suggests in his book Shadow Men, you don’t have skeletons in the closet because you’re influential.

You become influential because you’ve got skeletons in the closet.

The elite only lets someone in if they have dirt on the person. This way, the elite has control over their actions. And if the person decides to rebel anyway, the elite can quickly destroy him.

Same goes for Ed Buck:

Ed Buck doesn’t get away because he’s a Democrat.

Ed Buck is a Democrat to get away.

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