Did Mike Cernovich Rape A Woman?

Did Mike Cernovich Rape A Woman?

In December of 2017, Mike Cernovich hosted a Reddit Ask Me Anything session. Trolls appeared and commented things like “Mike Cernovich is a rapist” and “How did you get a rape charge talked down to battery?”

The mainstream media are always ready to seize opportunities like this one. Sites like The Daily Beast quickly published blog posts about the alt-right troll Mike Cernovich and his rape allegations.

It’s strange how the media can demonize wrong-thinkers because a few anonymous Reddit posts, but when one of their own dresses up as a Ku Klux Klan member or get accused of sexual harassment by real women… it’s silent.

Because truth to be told — that’s all there was to the Mike Cernovich rape hoax.

Anonymous trolls with nothing substantial to back their rape accusations up.

The mainstream media knew this. Which is why they — instead of looking for evidence or contacting sources — just kept on rambling about a blog post Cernovich had written about masturbating in front of a girl he then had sex with.

Nobody even bothered to publish Mike Cernovich’s response to the Reddit comment:


Hi Mike,

How did you get a rape charge talked down to battery?

gorillamindset (Mike Cernovich)

The false accusation against me was dismissed, and my initial arrest was expunged. That’s why you losers can’t find any court records, none exist, expungement!

As the Reddit troll indicates, Cernovich was not convicted of rape. They were dismissed.

That is, Cernovich got accused of rape just because he’d previously been accused of rape. Even though the original accusation was cleared!

And let me ask you this:

“Mike Cernovich” gets 74 000 Google searches every month, only in the US. A lot of them are by his haters. Mike’s a controversial figure and has haters on both the left and right.

Cernovich is so hated by some, that he’s even been stalked for years.

The stalkers have threatened to rape his daughter and then cut off her limbs. They’ve accused Cernovich of child rape (which is obviously false=. They’ve threatened to murder his wife. They’ve attempted to swat him.

If Cernovich is so hated by so many… why wouldn’t his haters have dug up any real information about this alleged rape? Why wouldn’t they contact Cernovich ex-girlfriends and friends?

Although it requires a psychotic obsession with the man, those insane stalkers could probably put in the work and reveal the rape secret.

The thing is… Mike Cernovich probably never raped anyone.

Which is what all available information indicates.

And even though anyone with the ability to think logically and objectively understands that… the false, anonymous rape allegations still linger. Partly because the mainstream media was quick to jump on the bandwagon since it fit their narrative. To this day, “Mike Cernovich rape” still gets 480 Google searches per month.

People search for something which never occurred.