Dayton Shooting: The Zombies Are Here - And They Bear Firearms!

Dayton Shooting: The Zombies Are Here - And They Bear Firearms!

Connor Betts was the gunman who shot dead 9 and injured 26 in Dayton, Ohio.

Betts drove to the site of the shooting with his sister, Megan Betts, and her boyfriend. He then shot the sister Megan, who died, and the boyfriend, who survived and now cooperates with the police.

Connor Betts And His Sister, Megan

But what do we have here? An obituary published by The Hartford Courant on February 23rd, 2014:

Connor D. Betts, 22, of Suffield passed away suddenly Wednesday, February 19, 2014


He was a 6’3″ teddy bear known as “Baby” by his “Mama.” Along with his mother Connor is survived by his four siblings, Colleen Rodriguez and her husband Alfredo; Megan Betts; Brian Betts; and Kathryn Betts all in Suffield.

Photograph of the Connor Betts who passed away in 2014:

Tribute video posted by Connor’s father:

How strange… Two different Connors with two different sisters Meghan, the same family name, similar facial features, and the same blue eye color. One Connor who was 6’3″, one Connor who was described as tall. One Connor who lived in Suffield, one Connor who shot people dead a 3-hour drive from Suffield.

Not only that — an unknown party has been scrubbing away the obituaries of the Connor who died in 2014. Now, they can only be accessed through the internet archives that will likely get cleaned up as well.

But no. These are totally different people. Or the zombies have risen — and they brought rifles. Or the shadow men scrape obituaries for inspiration when naming their characters.