Contrarian Blogging - Part 2

Contrarian Blogging - Part 2

Hello friends,

It’s time for another meta update on Contrarian And Free.

About two months ago, the organic search traffic from Google plummeted with 66%. This was expected. Recent whistleblowers have proven that Google censors websites that are considered right-leaning in the search results. And they always make updates in search results related to health, supplements and drugs.

low traffic

Of course, Contrarian And Free is too unpartisan and small to get directly targeted. But I’m sure the Google algorithm has some fancy sentiment analysis which detects if a site promotes the unauthorized ideas.

This offers us an excellent learning opportunity…

Even though Contrarian And Free is independently hosted, and doesn’t pose as high of a risk being silenced as a Twitter, YouTube or profile, it still has weak spots.

For example, if no one discovers C&F on Google, it doesn’t matter that it merely exist. If a tree falls in the woods and nobody is there to hear it, does it make a sound?

No one should be entirely reliant on a single entity. Youtubers who live on their videos could get thrown out on the streets if lesbian Susan Wojcicki decides to cut their income. Instagram influencers lose their businesses if some Silicon Valley nerd bans them. If you’re dependent in this way, you have no control over your own fate.

As of now, the trend has turned and Google traffic slowly increases — after some work.

But in the end, the most important part of Contrarian And Free… is you.

The reader.

I appreciate you. Make your voice heard in the comments, interact with others and ask questions. I will do my best to help, listen to and support each one of you.

And here’s a very important point:

If YOU read something online today… if you keep consuming someone’s content and like what you see…

… it’s your damn duty to support it. Otherwise you are a freeloader, a coward.

It can be anything. A comment. A donation. You can share the article on social media or tell your mates about it. As long as you pitch in, because this is a team effort.

Be a man and stand for what you believe in.

(That applies to life in general, not only this blog.)


Otherwise, the blog is thriving and I thoroughly enjoy all your comments. This site has some of the highest-quality visitors on the internet.

We’ve been targeted by hundreds of spam comments a day, from Russian servers which indicates someone in the West wants to conceal their location. A new commenting system has dealt with it effectively.

I encourage you to contact me with questions or suggestions about anything.

Until next time,

— Alexander Contrarian