[Case Study] I Took 400% The Normal Dosage Of Ligandrol Pre-Workout

[Case Study] I Took 400% The Normal Dosage Of Ligandrol Pre-Workout

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You probably know what Ligandrol is. If you don’t, learn the basics of it here.

You probably know that most people usually take 10 mg of Ligandrol per day. At most. Some go as low as 8, 5 or 1 mg a day.

But I’m a curious person. And even though most dudes claim to use SARMs for “research purposes”… I truly want to experiment with this stuff.

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Because of that, I’ve just done a 8 week cycle of Ligandrol. 20 mg per day.

Today was the last day… but I had 40 mg left.

No reason to keep 20 mg of it. And I don’t want to throw it away.

That’s why I just took 40 mg before my workout, planning to document the experience.

(I’ve done 40 mg on days before, but not in one single dose)

Here’s what I felt from taking 40 mg of Ligandrol 30 minutes before my workout…


Oral steroids are popularly taken before workouts to increase agression. Some take RAD140 and S23 pre-workout because it has a similar effect.

But Ligandrol doesn’t work that way on me.

As I went into the gym, I felt more motivated than usual. Perhaps due to the placebo effect. I knew I had taken 40 mg of Ligandrol, and I expected it to have some kind of effect.

I beat my old weighted dip record with 2 repetitions.

Was it due to the mega-dose of Ligandrol? I have no idea, but I did not feel that primal agression you’d expect from taking, say, oral steroids preworkout.

No better pump and no more veins popping than usual.

But one bad thing happened…

Halfway into the workout, I had a real bad case of heartburn. A piercing pain in my stomach. I felt a constant need to throw up.

Normally, you would experience something like this when taking harsh orals like Superdrol. But I experienced the same symptoms from megadosing LGD-4033, which is interesting.

And keep in mind… I had run a long cycle with the stuff and was well-aware of the effects I got from it. I had not taken a prohormone or oral steroid. It was real LGD-4033 with all the effects it brings.


To me, LGD-4033 is the #1 SARM for mass building. It’s low-cost and powerful. I don’t feel better agression, pumps or muscular fullness than usual. But the long-term muscle growth is outstanding, especially on 20 mg per day.

But taking 40 mg in one day, especially at once? The additional benefits will be minimal. And the potential increase in side effects makes it unnecessary.

I will miss LGD-4033 for a while now. Incredible compound.

Until next time,

— Mr. Contrarian

PS. What dosages of LGD-4033 have you taken? What was your experience? Let me know in the comments below to help others.