The Perverted Secrets of Bill Maher - Is He A Pedophile?

The Perverted Secrets of Bill Maher - Is He A Pedophile?

Bill Maher is an an American “comedian”, political commentator, and television host. But most of you don’t know he is also a pedophilia advocate.

A 35-year old teacher in a sexual relationship with a 14-year old is, according to Bill Maher, just an unconventional kind of love. Even though the relationship started when the child was younger than 14.

Bill Maher thinks an act of pedophilia is just love!

There are two potential explanations as to why Bill takes this standpoint:

1. The 35-year old teacher was a female and the 14-year old was a boy. Boys are left out in the wild when it comes to pedophilia.

Young girls get attention and help when they are exposed to pedophilic sexual harassment and grooming, which they should.

But boys are left on their own, because apparently it’s just a cool thing to get raped by older women in power positions when you’ve barely entered puberty. It’s just unconvential love!

Not only that, but gay men are prone to groom younger boys into becoming their little sex machines. Gays consider rape of young boys an event of self-empowerment — for the boys….

2. Bill Maher could be a pedophile. Why would he defend an adult having a sexual relationship with a 14-year old unless he want to, or has had, one himself?

It’s all very simple. Bill Maher is creepy. And his standpoints shows what kind of sexual preferences the man has.

What do you think?

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— Alexander Contrarian