Are SARMs Safe?

Are SARMs Safe?

When I first started researching SARMs, I was confused…

There was just so much information out there. Half the people say that SARMs are completely safe and side effect free. Half the people say that SARMs lead you down the path of absolute death.

But what is the complete truth?

That’s what I wanted to find out. I can’t stand being ignorant just because everyone decides to lie about a topic.

So I decided to try most of the SARMs out myself. And analyze the scientific data that had become available thanks to all the medical research performed on SARMs. As I’ve done this, I have come to a very simple and unpopular conclusion…

Hear me out:

How To Think About Risk Regarding SARMs

When you take your new sports car out on a cruise, you expose yourself to risk by just driving it out your parkway. You risk getting into a car accident.

If you drive responsibly, the risk is low. If you did well on your driver’s education and know how to act in every situation that might arise, your risks will be low.

If you drive irresponsibly, the risk gets higher. If you didn’t do well on your driver’s ed and have no clue how to act in dangerous situations, your risks will be high.

And if don’t drive at all and stay at home all day long, you’re at 0% risk of getting into a car accident. But you could still cut your finger when cooking food, or drop dead from a seemingly random heart attack.

You should think the same way when it comes to SARMs. The first time you take them, you accept a risk. But be responsible and the risks will be lower. Abuse SARMs and they will be less safe.

And even if you stay away from them, it doesn’t guarantee you a long, healthy life. We all know someone who lived a clean, healthy lifestyle and still got dealt a shitty hand. Maybe they got cancer or heart disease.

The answer to if SARMs are safe isn’t black and white. It’s all about probabilities.

Be responsible. Educate yourself on the potential side effects and how to prevent them. That’s the only way you can actively minimize the probability of bad things happening…

SARMs are research chemicals.

That means they are not approved for human consumption.

That means a doctor can’t prescribe you SARMs to treat low testosterone or muscle wasting. Their long-term health effects haven’t been studied, and nobody can for sure tell you wall all of the potential dangers of SARMs are.

Steroids, on the other hand, are frequently used in medicine to treat hypogonadism and wasting diseases.

Most of the popular anabolic steroids have existed for ~50 years. Their long-term effects are known, and good doctors have an idea of what side effects to watch out for.

Do you know Marie Curie? She as a chemist who developed the theory of radioactivity, and discovered the elements polonium and radium.

She experimented with them and didn’t really know what properties they had. Because of that, she carried glass tubes of these radioactive elements in her pocket. Without any protection.

And allegedly… that lead to her death from anemia in 1934.

That’s the thing with research chemicals. You are not sure what effects they have.

And I’m not saying that SARMs are in any way as unsafe as radioactive elements. Just that SARMs could have health effects we’re far from discovering as of now.

What We Know Today About The Short-Term Safety Of SARMs…

Let me ask you a question first: What does “safe” mean?

Protected from or not exposed to danger or risk
Oxford Dictionary

If we go by this definition… there is already enough scientific evidence that indicates that SARMs are NOT safe. Using them exposes YOU to risks. And it can become apparent in a short time of use.

People who want to sell you SARMs normally say that they are completely side effect free.

That’s false and ironically, SARMs have the same kind of side effects as anabolic steroids. They are just less pronounced.

SARMs suppress your testosterone.

Depending on which kind of SARM you use, they can even lower your testosterone as much as some anabolic steroids.

But this varies a lot between the different SARMs. Ostarine will lead to a marginal suppression. LGD-4033 will be far more suppressive. S23 will shut you down completely.

In the short term, low testosterone is not necessarily dangerous. You will feel like shit, depressed and have a bad libido. But you probably won’t die unless you fall into a mega-depression that turns you suicidal.

However, testosterone suppression is still serious. If your genetics and circumstances are bad, you may never get back to healthy hormone levels after a SARM cycle…

Living with low testosterone is bad for your health in the long term. You will be at risk of heart attacks, severe depression, lethargy, etc.

So if SARMs like LGD-4033 have these side effects… if they expose you to all these additional risks… can they really be labeled safe?


And I’m not scaremongering you — I’ve taken mega-doses of LGD-4033. I’ve tried lots of things most people would not dare.

SARMs Are Bad For Your Blood Cholesterol

Ask anyone who’s taken SARMs and done bloodwork.

SARMs DO seem to affect blood lipids in the same manner as steroids. Not as bad like the meaner steroids, but keep your guard up.

If you’re prone to cardiovascular diseases, stay safe.

And if you decide to take SARMs or steroids, I recommend you to cut out junk food and eat more healthy fats. No matter what. Do some cardio too.

If you follow my advice, your pump’s likely to be healthier than the majority of the American and European population’s anyway.

SARMs Affect Your Liver

Compared to oral steroids, SARMs are very mild on your liver. But they can still affect it negatively. It’s individual.

Do bloodwork sometimes to keep an eye on your liver values and general health.

Don’t drink alcohol. Not a single drop. It’s an elitist, toxic tool to numb the minds of miserable peasants.

And preferably… stay away from ibuprofen and other over-the-counter drugs. They’re just as liver toxic — and give you less health benefits than SARMs.

Conclusion About The Safety Of SARMs

SARMs are not safe. That doesn’t mean they will slowly kill you. But taking them exposes you to unnecessary risk.

The question is if you feel the benefits overweigh the downsides. Could the accept the worst-case consequences from SARMs, in exchange for a better body?

Until next time

— Alexander Contrarian