7 No-Bullshit SARM & Steroid Resources You Can't Afford To Miss

7 No-Bullshit SARM & Steroid Resources You Can't Afford To Miss

Bodybuilding is hard. It’s even harder when most of the knowledge you find online is bullshit.

  • Yeah, yeah. You sure built that 250 pound physique on hard work, BCAA and pre-workouts.
  • This week there’s a new diet fad. Try it out and come back next week to for the next trend.
  • Don’t use protein powders. They will destroy your kidneys.
  • If you’re a beginner, you really need to take 1000 mg of trenbolone every week for gains.

But don’t despair, friends. Here are 7 bodybuilding experts that will give you no-bullshit advice abour SARMs and steroids. Listen to them and you’ll be well on your way to building the physique of your dreams:

1. More Plates More Dates

Derek over at More Plates More Dates is a bodybuilding veteran with insane knowledge about the… chemical side of bodybuilding. Because here’s what you need to know:

You can’t be a bodybuilder without enhancing yourself. There’s no such thing as natural bodybuilding. Sure, you can go to the gym, lift weights and look fit. But you’ll never become a bodybuilder.

Derek writes about SARMs, steroids, other drugs and bodybuilding in general. His articles are extremely in-depth and well-referenced.

Read for: Long, in-depth articles with elaborate information on SARMs and other bodybuilding-related topics.

Here’s a recent video he made on Ostarine:

2. Dylan Gemelli

Dylan Gemelli looks like a douche who doesn’t lift. That was my honest impression of him when I first saw him on Youtube, and I was hesitant to watch any of his videos.

But then I changed my mind…

Dylan seems to make money from promoting SARMs. Some say he’s promoting shady stuff on some forums he frequents — I don’t know. Doesn’t matter. You’re hopefully smart enough to take care of yourself.

In his videos, however, he seems to have the integrity to be honest about SARMs.

He doesn’t bullshit you about the potential side effects. He won’t exagerate the benefits of them. Besides SARMs, Dylan also publishes content about other drugs like anabolic steroids, peptides and growth hormone.

Read for: Short, to-the-point summaries of bodybuilding compounds (that still tell you most of what you need to know)

Watch one of his recent videos, An explanation of how anabolic steroid testing works:


3. John Doe Bodybuilding

He’s not some fancy writer or social media afficionado. He’s an old school bodybuilder with tons of personal experience in the game.

On John Doe Bodybuilding you won’t get the regular, nonsensical fitness content… “This bullshit study indicates that apple peels result in a 0.0004% increase in fat loss”…

You get the stone-cold truth about what works and what doesn’t. The reality of the matter. He hasn’t just read some papers on Pubmed and regurgitated it. John Doe has lived it.

Read for: Honest content on bodybuilding. John Doe is the real deal and doesn’t try to give you a glorified, fake persona of himself.

Blog posts I recommend:

4. Ryan Russo

Yet another guy who, at first, gave off a bad impression. I remember watching a “transformation video” from Ryan Russo back in the day, and not being impressed. Haters seemed to agree, and swarmed the comment area of his videos.

But Ryan sticked to it, kept pushing out videos and building his physique. Today he’s kinda jacked, and publishes his own, honest progress with SARMs and steroids.

He’s a proponent of honest bodybuilding and wants the lies need to stop. Could not agree more, Ryan.

5. Anabolic Doc

Dr. Thomas O’Connor, or the Anabolic Doc, has appeared in Generation Iron 3, is a Board Certified Internist and record-holding powerlifter.  On Youtube he published videos about different anabolic steroids, talking about their history, results and side effects.

Since he’s a medical doctor, he obviously can’t be too positive about steroids. He constantly emphasizes the dangers of using them. But the information he puts out is still fascinating.

6. Anabolic Heroes

Tony Hughe and Coach Trevor, the anabolic duo, are  behind the Anabolic Heroes channel. They share their knowledge and experiences with pretty much every PED under the sun.

They’ve talked about pretty much every drug under the sun.

7. Greg Doucette

Coach Greg Doucette is the real deal. Visit his Youtube channel and you will get information about SARMs and steroids from an IFBB Pro.

His channel has exploded in popularity recently, which is much deserved.

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— Mr. Contrarian