5 Arguments For Why Gyms Should Be Men Only

5 Arguments For Why Gyms Should Be Men Only

I have lifted for years. My focus has been on everything from powerlifting, bodyweight exercises, and pure bodybuilding. No matter what I’ve done for the day, I have always been very serious about it. Get in the gym, pay your dues and get out.

There’s no point in messing around.

Sadly, I’ve noticed that a certain group of people go to the gym to mess around. And in doing so, they bring everyone down in the fall with them. The other gym-goers. Our entire society.

That group is women. Here’s why:

1. Women only go to the gym to be whores

Next time you work out at the gym, take a look around you.

Are there any women around you? Great. Then let me ask you…

Do any of them look like this:

She wants the D in the B Hot slut dat booty

They practically work out naked. Sports bras and tight yoga pants that reveal every curvature of the female body.

Of course, they don’t dress like that for practical reasons. It doesn’t allow them to lift more weight or run for longer.

And of course, women rationalize it. “Oh, it’s just so comfortable!”

But there’s only one reason for why they dress this way:

They ONLY go to the gym to be attention whores.

Every other part of their life revolves around attention – Instagram, fashion and makeup. These women starved from fatherly attention when younger. They make up for it today by showing off their half-naked bodies to strange men in a public gym.

boys of soy“Why shouldn’t they be allowed to attention whore if they want to?!” you would say if you were a soyboy.

Buddy: I’m going to explain it all to you…

2. Women suck at working out

Let’s face it:

Women are terrible at sports. They’ve always been.

  • Sweden’s women’s national football team got annihilated by an undermanned local boys team.
  • A male tennis player ranked 203rd won against the Williams sisters, the top female players in the world at the time.

Females are even worse at more physically demanding activities as lifting weights. But for some reason, they believe they have any business in the gym.

But wait, there’s more:

Women don’t have as capable minds. They’re more likely to follow the herd without critical thinking. Because of this, they aren’t only bad at performing in the gym. They don’t have an idea what to do!

When you’re in the gym… you, a rational male, would logically pick up a barbell, load it up as heavy you can and do some deadlifts. You’re in the gym, after all. Gotta lift heavy and break a sweat.

A female, on the other hand…

She’d go straight for the lightest, most pink dumbbell in the gym and do some weird clown exercise.

Then she and her gym sister lays down on the floor — in the busiest area of the gym — and keeps going:

You don’t know what she’s doing. But you know it doesn’t work.

3. This affects MEN

Women are weak in body and mind. It’s not their fault. We should love and take care of good women for that exact reason.

But, when you allow them to enter the gym it affects you:

It’s leg day and you check into the gym. Squats are on your agenda. You’re planning to break a PR today.

As you go to the squat rack, you discover it’s already taken by a woman. She’s doing quarter-squats with the bar (20 kg). She isn’t pushing herself, and she keeps on doing set after set with 10 minutes of rest in between.

If you, a huge, towering monster would approach and ask her to get lost, she’d run away screaming and accuse you of rape.

So instead you have to wait forever or skip squats completely because of this useless woman. Even though she barely lifts and would be better off keeping a check on her diet and staying at home.

4. Women give you a hard-on in the gym

We men have something called testosterone in our bodies. If you didn’t know, our high levels of testosterone give us a strong sex drive.

When you lift weights regularly, your testosterone increases — and so does your sex drive.

And when you take anabolic steroids or other PEDs… your sex drive blows through the roof. You become a primal sex addict who gets a hard-on from hearing the breath of a female.

Women who go to the gym, dressed like whores because they’re obsessed with your attention, makes it unbearable.

5. Wome create a soy-poisoned atmosphere

Women destroy the quality of music in the gym. Even though a majority of the gym-goers wear headphones, there’s always the one woman who starts playing crap on the highest volume. Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Coldplay.

Women are always in the way. Is there a hallway? Then there are gossiping women who block your way.

Women always use the squat rack, even though they squat 20 kg and could do it with a couple of dumbbells.

When women enter a gym, they poison the air with estrogen and degeneracy. Women in the gym are like soy.


Women should, of course, work out to stay attractive to their men. But they should not visit the same gyms as men. Why can’t they visit the women-only gyms that are so popular in media?

What do you think? Let me know in the comments below.

Until next time,

— Mr. Contrarian