A Secret 4-Minute Hack To Obliterate Anxiety, Sadness & Anger

A Secret 4-Minute Hack To Obliterate Anxiety, Sadness & Anger

I used to be just like you.

Sometimes, you feel strange. For some unknown reason, you’re anxious and restless. You spent an entire day with that nagging feeling in your belly.

Sometimes, you’re sad. You miss your family or pity your poor, poor self. Boo-hoo.

Sometimes, you stress over money and relationships.

Sometimes, you’re furious. Misdirected anger is the world’s most toxic feeling and if you let it grab a hold of your mind… trust me, it will drag you down the depths of despair.

And sometimes…

It’s hard for you to change those feelings.

Will-power is great and you need to strengthen yours. But face it, your mind may not be that strong yet. And that’s alright.

You can control your emotions in another way.

But it’s a secret. So don’t share it to all the others. Don’t tell people who’d never read this blog. They don’t get it.

That secret is:

Cold showers.

Anger has been my challenge in life. I’d go through the days being angry and irritated. And it drained my soul. It made me feel physically exhausted. Could there be a way to stop feeling angry?

There are many. For starters, you can read Gorilla Mindset by Mike Cernovich to control your emotions better. But sometimes, even though you want to, your body and deep mind won’t listen to your thoughts.

Because our emotions don’t only stem from our thoughts. They depend on our body. Our hormones. Our stomach. Our health. And even if you control your thoughts, all others might put you in an angry state

That’s why cold showers are great for you.

Dress off. Walk into the shower cabin. Turn on the water and watch it rain. Switch to cold. And walk in the stream.

As you do this, you don’t only walk into a shower. You enter another dimension where only you, your breath and The Cold exists. Everything else has ceased to be. And you only need to accomplish one thing:

Win over The Cold.

Don’t let it beat you into submission. Don’t panic and hyperventilate.

Be calm and collected. Control your breath. Become one with The Cold and don’t let it alter your face an inch. Embrace the cold water as it covers your body.

As you walk out a few minutes later, you notice something.

That shower didn’t just wash away your sweat and dirt.

The cold water also washed away all your anger.

Because you entered a dimension where the only stress to your body and mind was .The Cold. And you fought it. You won.

So what’s there left to worry about?

You’re the champion. Blood is flowing through your muscles like never before. Your skin tingles and you feel fresh…

… more alive.

You went away and came back as a new man. Reborn.

As you dress and continue the rest of your day, you notice something:

You don’t sweat the small stuff anymore. Your mind has is stronger than before, and small stresses and annoyances don’t affect you the same way.

You’re cool, calm and serene.

Just like the lake that shower water came from.