4 Contrarian Bodybuilding Tips

4 Contrarian Bodybuilding Tips

Bodybuilding and fitness is an area where there is a lot of bullshit. People want to sell you their anabolic protein powders and  unique workout programs. But in reality, it’s all very simple and most true advice goes against what is commonly preached.

Here are 4 contrarian bodybuilding tips:

1. Don’t train your legs

During the last 10 years there’s been a rise in powerbuilding — powerlifting and bodybuilding combined. Same goes for the notion among Average Joe’s that you need to squat and deadlift heavy all the time to be a real hardcore man.

But here’s what I see:

Most men who obsess with squats and deadlift are mediocre in strength even after years of training, and they’re fat chunkballs.

Why would you obsess over powerlifting exercises, even if you never compete or achieve respectable numbers in the gym?


The more you do deadlifts and squats, the more your body and central nervous system is taxed. You’ll have less energy, time for other exercises and need to recover for longer.

And guess what? I’m not a bro who just wants to skip leg day.

I squatted heavy EVERY DAY for months! With existing leg problems!

I LOVE deadlifts and I’ve pulled more than most of these bubble butt-boys ever will!

When you lift heavy and focus on lower body exercises, you put on a lot of muscle.

On your legs and ass.

Since those muscle groups are generally larger than your upper body muscles, the total weight you gain will be higher in that area. Having big legs and butt muscles make you heavy.

And it’s tough to be heavy. It’s harder to move your body. Consumes more energy. You breathe heavier and if you’ve got knee trouble like me, it will be more painful to walk.

When I decided to take a break from the heavy lifting some year ago, my body became lighter.

And it was AMAZING.

Moving around was a piece of cake. It was fun. You’re more agile and energetic.

When I realized that, I decided to not become as heavy as I was before. And a big part of that weight was on my legs. So I simply won’t build my legs as big now.

Also, you need to keep in mind that the larger your lower-body is, and the more you perform lower-body exercises, your energy expenditure goes up. A lot.

A larger part of your protein intake will get spent on merely sustaining your butt muscles. Same goes for your calories.

And that could’ve been directed to other body parts if you hadn’t such a fat ass.

But I admit the headline — don’t train legs — is an exaggeration. Work out your legs regularly to avoid the stick figure-physique and injuries. Just don’t fall for the trend, unless a big ass is what you desire. But that’s for sodomites.

You don’t need enormous legs.

2. Don’t keep track of your weight

I haven’t weighed myself for 3 years. Why should I?

Hopefully, you do bodybuilding to look better. Not weigh more.

So why don’t you focus on looking better, instead of weighing less or more?

Does a number matter do you?

Do you think someone would walk up to Arnold Scharzenegger, and with a stone-face ask him:

“I don’t give a crap how you look, wimp! What do you weigh?”

It’s an illusion that leads you down a bad rabbit hole.

Some people look at the scale and think they’re so fucking ripped at 230 lbs. Mountains of muscle! But instead they are just a tragic lump of fat.

Focus on how you look and feel.

A lighter man that is more defined will look better than a heavier man who might have more muscle in total, but hides it under a layer of lard.

3. You do you

Many roads lead to Rome. And although you’ll have to pass a few mandatory checkpoints along the way, you can get there too. Sometime. If you continue to walk and look for your path to success.

When you’ve accumulated experience in bodybuilding, you know your body and how it responds to stimuli. How it responds to certain exercises and meal plans.

This means you eventually have to make your own choices. Create your own philosophy.

But there are two “but”‘s:


If you’re a beginner, it’s better you listen to those more experienced, educated and successful than you. They aren’t always right, but the chances of them being correct is higher than you. Learn from everywhere you can. Get experience. Get to know your body.


If you’re a lazy soy boy you’re just going to read this and say: “But I’m a hardgainer so I can’t build any muscles, might as well give up…”

There is a solution that will work for you, It’s compromised of 2 parts:

  1. Stop chugging Soylent every night while talking video games with your girlfriend’s boyfriend.
  2.  Come to the realization you’re not a hardgainer, it doesn’t exist, and you just need to shut up and do some troubleshooting in your training, diet and lifestyle.

4. How to look more ripped in 15 minutes

There’s a very simple trick to look more ripped and muscular in half an hour.

Hear me out:

When you haven’ gotten a haircut in a while, your hair is longer and thicker. This makes your face look rounder and less defined.

Cut your hair, and your face will immediately look leaner and more handsome.

Same goes for the rest of your body.

Body hair — especially on your arms and chest — covers your muscle and definition. It dissolves the shape of your muscle and leaves you appearing like a chubby blob.

Shave your arms, chest, back and belly.

I’m serious. Try it out.

You will look 5x better in a matter of minutes.

That’s why every bodybuilder on this planet shaves his body when it’s time for competition.