7 Virtues Of A Good Man In A Bad World

7 Virtues Of A Good Man In A Bad World

He never taught us anything useful, did he?

It’s a stretch to call him a “man”. He never prepared us for the life of a man. He taught us to be like him, a selfish, androgynous animal on the hunt for its next high.

He bred you to be an animal.

Never did you learn of strength, morals, ambition from the generation of men before you.

And you can’t always get what you want. We can’t control the times we live in, we can’t control that we live in a postmodern world without morals, masculinity or sense of virtue.

But you were born for such a time like this.

Bad times will always come, they are here, and you are the man upon whom the burdens of battle have landed. There’s no escape from your fate. You can do nothing but live or die.

It is time for you and me to realize we live in a fallen world, and it’s on us to bring it back to good graces. And worldly change is always incepted within ourselves. Instead of complaining of the world around you, you start with yourself. You become a man of virtue.

The oracle has spoken, and unless you choose to accept the evil ways of today and go against the Divine Will, it has fallen upon you to be a renegade and finally, champion.

How do you become what you are meant to be? The man of good, of virtue?

1. Wear the armor of God

The foremost answer to defeating evil is found in scripture:

Put on the Armor of God.

Only then can you stand against the devil. We are not talking about a physical war, we’re not talking about casualties in terms of flesh and blood, but in spirit. We struggle against the powers that be, the shadow men, the corruption of the devil.

Stand firm with the buckle of truth around your waist, let it hold your armor together.

Protect your heart with the breastplate of righteousness. Stop all flaming arrows of evil with the shield of faith, wear the helmet of salvation, and win all your battles with the sword of Logos.

Do this. You will be the man standing.

2. See the light

You’ve viewed the world around you. The people surrounding you, they know not if it’s dark outside or light. A bubble of unreality has entrapped them. They live the fake until it becomes genuine.

But as you read about the armor of God, it’s held together by the buckle of truth. A virtuous man, no matter if he lives in the stone age or 2019 Los Angeles, knows the truth. He doesn’t only know it, he values it beyond everything else.

If you are a good man, you pop the bubble of unreality.

You escape the cave of shadows and see the daylight. The sun rays may illuminate a reality that isn’t always pleasant. But you see the world for what it is, and that is the only way to have a healthy soul.

3. He is honorable

Have you seen the average “guy” today?

He is like an animal, nihilistic in nature, and only lives for his physical needs, his desires and his need to defecate every morning after his first cup of Joe.

Does that constitute as living, or is he just an organic meat machine, programmed to react in soulless ways?

A manly virtue, from which everything else may stem, is to be honorable. You need to be worthy, respectable, do what is right and fulfill your duty. You know what honor is already. Set forth, be virtuous and earn it.

Only through virtue can you elevate yourself above the level of an animal. Strive for higher.

4. He has integrity

If Satan brought you to the world’s highest mountain… and offered you to become king of this world — if you only kneeled before him and lured everyone else to do the same….

… would you say yes?

If so, you are evil. And you lack integrity. 

Both good and evil people know the truth. Only good people choose to speak it. They have integrity, whereas agents of evil are dishonest for their gain or cowardness.

Even in the face of repercussions, you can not tell a lie.

5. He is strong

You know the truth. But to have the integrity to speak it, even when facing danger, you need to be strong. That is the inherent virtue of a good man, and such strength resides both in his body and mind.

You need to build a strong mind. You need to build a strong body capable of dealing with burden.

Saying “Yes” and meaning yes can be hard. Saying “No” and meaning no can be hard. You must be strong to do it!

6. He has respect

Paradoxically, being virtuous gives you respect and having respect can almost be a virtue in itself. Only a man with honorable traits receives respect.

A virtuous man also has respect for others. He respects the Earth, the creation of God, the lives of human beings and everything valuable in life. Foremost, he respects himself and says no to living like a dog, even though he’s been raised that way since birth.

7. He is a hypocrite

Normally, being a hypocrite is considered bad.

But that’s a good thing! It means you are a man who holds standards, and you occasionally live up to them. And that you sometimes hold standards, realize them to be wrong, and change your standpoint.

What would the alternative be? That you always succeed in living up to your standards. And since we are all flawed humans, that doesn’t mean you are a saint. It just means you set the bars too low.

Don’t be afraid to be a hypocrite.


In the end, it’s very simple for you to be a virtuous man in bad times. It boils down to being strong enough to say “No” when you mean no. Truth is the way, and if you follow the path you will end up all right,

Bear the buckle of truth.

Until next time,

— Alexander Contrarian